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  1. Lets go back on topic. I'm looking for a camera. Since no camera in this price range does 'true' 1080p. I will just have to settle with the best I can. I am going for the Canon XH-A1 If you have one, please let me know. $2000/CAD ~ $1900/USD or less.
  2. It is more for educational purposes, but I still don't want to be using the 'older' technology. Everything I have is the latest technology. With the world moving fast, and not having HD, is not, what I'd prefer. I want to stay on top of things. There is no way I am going to downgrade. Well, what about a used Canon XH-A1. - what would you think about that then, over the 7D? I can get that for a bit more. Which is not so great as I wont be able to get the shoulder mount rig, or follow focus, etc. Also, I would prefer to have a larger sensor, but its not a necessity. - If I would need one, I would have to purchase a 35mm adapter, which I believe is like $4,000. But, having a big one would be nice. That's why I like the 7D.
  3. Who ever said this was for a client?
  4. Uh, yeah, I am on a fairly LOW budget here. On the previous post, I meant to say CMOS, I must have read the previous post and just repeated it. As long as it has one or the other. I'm not looking for the best equipment out there! It's not like my films are going to go out on the big screen. If I were to DO a film intended to, I would most likely NOT be using this equipment. Its just not good. I have a low budget, and I want to stick with something that is good for me. If I could, Id even go with the RED Scarlet, but just the camera alone will run me more than a whole package of everything I'd need with the 7D. Although, I am considering the 7D, I am still thinking about it... there are somethings that I do not like about it, but other things I do. One thing that bugs me is that there is no audio - No XLR ports. So, what would you say would be best to get then? I need to stay at a low budget!! ...if your asking what is my budget? I don't know. Somewhere in the low thousands. With the 7D, it will run me approx. $5000 for everything I would need. Like shoulder mount rig, matte box, CF cards, prime lens.. That's a reasonable price range. I will not even have to buy half this stuff in order to shoot.
  5. I was just coming here to point that out. But, the 7D does have 1080p, 24fps, a large sensor and has a 3CCD. Dont know why you would say it doesnt. Im trying to save the most I can. That's why Im looking for used... obviously. haha. Im not looking at the kits, unless if its the 7D with primes. - well, one 50mm. I wont be able to afford much more.
  6. no, before I was looking for any camera, now I want a 7D. That's what I meant.
  7. SCRATCH THAT! Looking for a CANON 7D
  8. I am looking for a used camera in the $2000CAD/ $1900USD price range. Much have at least: 1080P 24fps 3CCD Options: Removable lens Shotgun microphone &/or holder Shoulder mount built in
  9. I am 18, and currently in High School. (I returned for another year) and I was wondering if anyone has any job that I can do on set to gain some experience in the Toronto area or further South. I have no previous experience working on set except for some videos I made at High School. (Media Arts Class - Sorry, no available videos. I made them before I actually thought about going to the film business, therefore I never kept them). I take my work seriously! Since this is based around my career, I need to do and show my best as much as I can, so I am willing to go full out. If you have any job for me, please let me know. I can do anything almost, as long as I can get some knowledge of what to do, what not to do, etc. Simple training basically. The catch is... I live in Oakville. About 20min S. of Toronto and I don't have a car, so I will need to travel by train/bus. Which can cost me a bit, especially if its a non-paid gig. Secondly, as stated above I go to school. I am in High School for another year, so I cannot go out during weekdays during school hours to help. I can only go on weekends. But, if it is close to the Oakville area, I can possibly come after school hours. *If it is a paid gig, and shooting is for one week. I can miss school for that week if needed. I wont have any troubles since I already graduated. Unless if its during exam times. Got any position? Please let me know! Send me a PM. Thanks
  10. Looking for the cheapest possible camera. But, not something crappy and cheap that I will regret. Must have at least: 1080p (Hate interlace, but if you got it, whatever... let me know) 24f 1/3" Sensor CMOS/3CCD LCD Screen *Should be able to attach Matte Box *In the future, I need to attach the 35mm Letus adapter on the camera. Got a camera? Let me know what kind. $0-$2000 Email me (as I might not check back here): Michael.Frymus@live.ca
  11. If you got one, let me know how much you are selling it for. I need it super cheap! I just need a camera to shoot, so I dont care about the add on's. Email me here (I might not check back here): Michael.Frymus@live.ca
  12. I'm not asking specifically for directing. I understood that becoming a director will involve many steps to finally become a director. I was being more general as finding any job on the crew... well, as in good jobs that would be worth it as I could gain knowledge overall.
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