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  1. Hello All - Thanks to everyone who has sent replies and information regarding the 200 and the 240 cameras - sounds like people are experimenting with equipment and filming some cool things with this camera. I appreciate the information about the batteries for the Electric Eye. I have my camera pretty well cleaned up and hopefully will shoot some film with it soon. I think I will run a roll of Plus-X through it to see what happens. I will try to convert and post the film here when I do that. It's really cool to see the number of 200/240 enthusiasts - when I first posted I wasn't sure how many people would know about this camera; thanks for all of the great knowledge which has been posted! I'll post more after filming. Thanks, Jay Starz
  2. Charlie - Thank you so much for the wealth of information about the 240. I will work to try to find a cross-reference sheet to determine the modern-day equivalent of the the electric eye battery. In the manual, it also calls for a Mallory-type battery - I don't have the manual with me right now, so I'm not sure which model of the Mallory battery. All of the information regarding how the electric eye functions is extremely helpful. I was working with the camera the other day, and tried to move the f-stop ring manually, but the ring is really stiff on the camera and barely moves. Perhaps I'll need to get this serviced at some point, because I'm sure the camera hasn't been lubricated in decades. It was stored in good conditions, however, so everything is in really good shape - nothing's rusted, etc. Thanks again for all the information. I appreciate it! Jay
  3. Hello - Does anyone know what kind of batteries will work in the battery compartment of a Bell and Howell 240 16mm camera with the electric eye? There were two very old Everready 4.5 volt batteries in one of the compartments of the camera case. I can't seem to find a modern-day counterpart. Does anyone have any information? Also, can a person move the F-stop ring on this camera manually? Or is it motorized to connect to the Electric Eye? I am excited to get this camera back in working order! Thanks! J. Starz
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