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  1. Thanks Chris. Have two options 1. Would love to create effect similar to that shown in "Predator". 2. Just for this scene, am also considering shooting with a regular consumer camera that gives night mode, where all the images are seen green. Will that work though?
  2. Hello Friends, I am shooting a short film. Its mostly night outdoor shoot. I have to do a shot where a person is supposedly watching couple of people through the night binoculars. These characters are chasing one another. 1. How do I show the heat sensitive images? 2. Is this do-able in post production editing effects? If yes, then do I shoot regular and let it be taken care off in editing? Look forward to your opinions/ideas/techniques etc. Thanks Mahesh
  3. Great! thanks....I liked the idea of holding a torch close enough to the subject on the close-up shots
  4. Thanks Ian. That surely is helpful.
  5. Hello All, I am not sure if this topic has been discussed on this forum before. If it has been please guide me to the correct thread. I am making a short film that is entirely setup with a night backdrop around a campfire. Never tried this kind of filming before. I would appreciate all the ideas/feedback to show me how to light up such a set. I am specifically looking for cheap/creative way of doing it. I was able to get a good light from the campfire itself, but would be interested in knowing how to create the moonlight effect effectively. I own a Lowell's 44 piece light kit. Will that suffice? If not what is the minimum I have to do to get it right. The location I will be working at has plenty of trees so moonlight cannot be lighting up entire area. Thanks Mahesh Shimpi
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