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  1. Hello everybody. I need some help and I hope you could help me. My name is shay. I live in Israel. I am 25 years old. I just graduated a BFA degree from Sapir College in southern Israel. It is a good school and I had a lot of experience in many cameras: Sony Z1, DSR 400, 450 and I shot a 40 min 16mm film. I learned a lot, not just cinematography, but I want to master cinematography. Please don’t tell me I just need experience in film sets because I have it, although there is very little film's in Israel. And the budget is always very low. Learning abroad is a dream for me and I will do anything to fulfill it. I believe that I am good and talented for any school. I want to find a good school that will let me master in cinematography only. I know English and Russian. And I don’t mind the location of the school as long is it's a good school. Will you help me?
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