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  1. Thanks man for answer! Now I know more about these things also. I feel confident that these modern timers will work now. I would like to do some cool time-lapse recording and feel this is the way for me to go. So, you own a RS-60E3 or what? Some personal experience with that, it ha Time-lapse capabilities?
  2. Yes, this was what I thought also, basic On/Off signals. Maybe some other models or systems have more complicated signals, like "How are you today?" and "I´m fine thank you" :D .. No i´m just kidding but something like that. ;)
  3. ...Hmm... I am not sure what you mean. What are you referring to? On what remote? What is pinout? ..So ring that controls focus id not compatible.
  4. Hello! I am wondering if these modern remote controls with Timer / interval capabilities work with super 8 cameras? Original accessories is seemingly hard to come by. I have found some, for example Canons remote and interval timers. I have Sankyo xl-420 and it uses the very small 2.5mm jack in remote. Some modern Timer controls and remote controls use the same jack, some use the bigger (and usual headphone) plug 3.5mm. But I can use adaptor. But I am wondering if these modern remote controls and Interval timers work with my old super 8 camera. Because there are some cheap modern controls available from China and Hing Kong on eBay. Here are a few examples: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/New-Timer-Remote-Con...id=p3286.c0.m14 http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Timer-Remote-Control...id=p3286.c0.m14 http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Timer-Remote-Cord-fo...id=p3286.c0.m14 ...have any of you any experience with this? I don´t know what kind of signal it transmits, and how it is different comparing modern and old systems. If this is possible it would be great to know for people in similar situation like me.
  5. Thanks David!! What a huge work with all the matte layers to get these effects! I am looking into After Effects right now and this is exactly what the program does without having to make covering matted footage. so this gave me an insight also in more detail how that program works. It is same as with Photoshop also doing mask layers. Masking out what you don´t want and replacing. What a wonderful idea and trick. And the results are good. I read about the star Wars production, how they had hundreds of these "Travelling mattes" to create the special effects. What a work! Man, the possibilities are endless with this technique. You can create whatever your imagination have in store.
  6. Hello! I find it very beatiful these old movie titles they did in the good ol´ days. How are they done? I´m thinking mainly on titles on the MOVING picture. Did they hold up some transparant material where they designed/wrote the title or? If that´s the case you should see when they insert and remove it. As I see it there are two kinds. One where the title is done/designed on paper and then filmed. Then the other where the title is on the screen while the movie rolls. Then there are surely other ways also. Do you guys have any more info on this matter? Examples:
  7. Aaah, OK-ok! I understand. Thanks for the info.
  8. :blink: OK, after some hard brainwork I got to the conclusion that my camera with 220 degree shutter has Shutter speed of about 1/40s at 24fps. I read also here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shutter_speed ...that movies have about 1/48 - 1/50 s shutter speed with 165-180 Shutter angles, what amazes me is then how moving objects don´t seem to be more blurred, with motion blur. I mean when I take photo with still photo camera at those speeds (below 1/60) and I shake camera it is motion blurry. Hmm... Well, well. The footage I´ve seen on Super 8 don´t seem som blurred when there are objects in motion. Maybe the Shutter dial also can spin faster, and faster and faster and faster and... hehe .. .. :D hehe... and slower, and slower, slower.. :)
  9. Aaah, OK! Interesting invention! hehe! But I still don´t get how to know the "shutter speed" of my 220° camera. Hmm? It says: Shutter Angle / Exposure Time --------------- = ----------------- 360° / Frame Interval
  10. Hello! I just aquired a Super 8 camera. It is a Sankyo, Sound XL-420 Supertronic. As I understand it only runs with two options of ASA film settings (whicj is determined by cartridge) so I must compensate the aperture manually if I am to use different film speeds. But now the thing I was wondering about, although I can manipulate aperture there is no way of changing "shutter speed" like in ordinary still photography cameras. In specifications it says 220° Shutter opening. What is that? And how does that correlate to the "shutter speed" of ordinary cameras (1/125, 1/250 etc.)?? Thanks a lot!
  11. I have also Sankyo xl-420 sounds supertronic. I plan to also use kodak´s asa500 film (or asa200, I want to film in low light). Do you guys think it is possible, any experience with that?
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