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  1. This is a complete kit ready to go onto any production, It includes a single channel controller, wireless Microforce and any cables you will need plus spares. Kit is currently in New Zealand but international shipping can be arranged. Due to restrictions on shipping batteries the kit will come without any batteries but there are 2 chargers. The kit is housed in 2 x Pelican Storm 2300 cases, one laser cut for the essentials and the other for back up items. $22000 Main Components: 1 x HU3 1 x MDR3 1 x Focus/Iris Single channel Handest 1 x Digital Microforce 2 1 x Radio microforce module. 1
  2. Has anyone used any cinetape extension tubes other than the official cinematography electronic ones? I was looking at the ones made by cinematic precision, at $150 less each they look pretty similar... Henry West
  3. I have had problems running an arri 3 and high speed base with preston units, when run from the camera switch camera runs fine but using the preston run it causes the cam to search speeds and surge... However this only occurs using a particular body and high speed base, have tried on othe bodies and it works fine, just wondering if anyone has come across anything like this before? henry west
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