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  1. Really are many issues to consider. Basically, Among other issues, we have no public, will be recording to a DVD SHOW, I think it would be interesting to illuminate the background (trees), the soloist and the conductor will be lit separately, I believe that putting cameras in the middle of the orchestra is not really a good idea for cause the amount of musicians, the musical style is modern. Initially I had thought about using a light flat, single-source attack with a powerful, single (HMI), diffuse, and compensate her. Simple as that. All musicians will be dressed in white in nature, so I think the more the light is simply keeping with the naturalness of the picture. Regarding the use of sources, I am not safe with respect to their choice (HMI). Have to look on the Sony Z1, I do not know its limitations, this information from ISO is very important to me. I still thank the help of colleagues. Marcelo
  2. Hello everyone, First, excuse me for the terrible English. Well, I need a help. I need design the light for recording in HD for a symphony orchestra and I have no experience with this type of situation. Below the details: The symphony orchestra has 35 musicians The concert will be in an open area in a large garden with tall trees to the back of the orchestra. The recording will be half in the evening and half the night. Will be used 8 cameras, Sony Z1 half and half HVX 200. The musicians will be dressed in white. The questions are: What kind of reflectors should I use? What is the power of these reflectors? What type of design of light should I do? I appreciate the help. Marcelo
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