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  1. Like all terms in film it in my opinion comes down to area. Around here I always say and hear striking. It was what I was taught and it is what I hear and say on film sets. However... I have never said striking without everyone in the room looking directly at the light.
  2. Arri doesnt make C stands to my knowledge. However Kupo stands are great. They arrant very traditional but I work with them allot.
  3. Gritty eh? Play with those banners on the windows to act like flags. I would black wrap the front of them so no light sneaks through and blast a 5K tungsten through on an angle about 5-10 feet from the window. I would then get art department to add some light haze so the light comes in on streaks. I would then put a 1k chimera on the side of the counter backed up about 5-10ft for ambiance and then another 1k chimera in front of talent about 5-10ft back for ambiance. Both chimeras with egg crates and half CTB. I would balance for day light to give a blue gritty feeling. I also like your idea of some lamps with CTRs lighting the product behind the counter.
  4. I DPed 8 films with the HVX200a and redrock M2. It is a nightmare. I always demand a truck load of lights and fast lenses for every shoot. I recently shot a feature on a RED and was amazed to see I COULD light a scene with just practicals. FYI this should be in the cinematography section not cinematographers tisk tisk.
  5. Ha that cant even begin to be excused.
  6. Thank you Pete. Yes their was one movie I shot where the editor squeezed it. I cant figure out how to un squeeze it so I just use minimal clips from it.
  7. Please critique my reel. (exported half quality) http://vimeo.com/6336867
  8. Thats the first reel I saw that actually tells a story. Great job.
  9. Content was great but you need to cut it down allot. It is way to slow and dull which takes away from showcasing your talents.
  10. I happen to like the filmtools setup. I wouldnt recomend buying the "AC survival kit" or whatever they call it because its allot of stuff I would never use. But thats a good belt setup you can buy the belt system piece by piece.
  11. It didnt smell bad to me but I used to do natural gas hookups for barbecues and knew the smell. It scares me that our highly qualified crew didnt pick up on it. Seems like it should be in the grip book.
  12. I just pictured that scene from fight club with the apartment blowing up after my gaffer said the smell of gas was probably fine... I made everyone get out of the room after we turned the gas off and the house fan on then in about 30 minutes we were good. Any other scenarios like this you guys can think of?
  13. I was recently DPing on a set which was a kitchen interior. We had the lights setup but just before we struck them I told everyone to stand by. I smelled gas. I checked the oven with a grip and the pilot light was out which filled the kitchen with gas. Did we almost die or am I being overly careful? This got me thinking to ask you guys of some other small things like this that can be a major threat.
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