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  1. Hello, I've got a Canon Autozoom 814 electronic that I've owned for about 10 years. I've used it for maybe 5-6 projects over the years but it's always worked great. The other day after shooting a couple rolls it stopped running. When I took the film out, it would run. I checked the battery meter, which showed less than half. I changed batteries and it was still having problems. After a few hours of sitting, with confirmed-to-be-fresh AA batteries, it worked great for several more hours, but then the same issue started again. Any idea on what it could be??
  2. I traveled to Paris with lots of film last November. I was easy leaving the states, I had my film in hand, said "excuse me, can you please hand-check this, it's x-ray sensitive" and they did. Getting out of Paris however was NOT easy. They made me stand aside for over a half hour while they did who the **(obscenity removed)** knows what. But yes, keep your film away from the x-ray machine! They'll check it properly. I swear they thought the super 8 cartridges were a bomb or something.
  3. I've been trying to find a better super 8 camera and really like the feel of the AZ814. I'd prefer to get the 814 Electronic, since it has some additional features and it's easier to find a remote for it, but I fear the broken manual light meter function, I bought one already that was broken, and had to return it. Also, there aren't as many listed on ebay, and this problem seems to be common, I don't think I'm capable of fixing it (I've seen some instructions online). Do the older models have the same problem? Is it difficult to find a remote for the older models? Do they have any known issues as well? I need some advice, lots of the older models pop up on ebay, what should I watch out for? thanks, Andy http://vimeo.com/user6032483/videos
  4. Here's my favorite super 8 footage I've shot thus far. The camera is getting a little wonky, but the colors here are incredible. This is from Sutro Baths in San Francisco, enjoy!
  5. I just got one of these on ebay for a great price. Unfortunately it was packed poorly and the lens was damaged in shipping so I have to return it. However, it did give me a minute to familiarize myself with the camera a bit. My question is, I noticed when I pulled the "manual/auto" light meter button to activate the manual setting, the meter in the lens did not move when i turned the dial. does that mean it is broken? I want to know so the next time one pops up on ebay, I can make sure to have the seller test it. Thanks, Andy
  6. This is great news Rick! There are tons of thrift stores in my area, likely teeming with crappy old microphones with the 1/8" tip you're talking about. The Canon Auto Zoon 814E is the one i'm looking at right now, it's cheap, but no accessories. This makes a huge difference. Thanks!! I'm guessing, you just use the on/off switch of the mic to control the remote?
  7. I want to buy a used Canon Auto Shoot 814 on Ebay, but I am going to need a remote control for it, to set up shots and stop and start without accidentally moving the camera. Are remotes interchangeable? It seems cameras with remotes on ebay go for much more than without. thanks!
  8. I've been shooting on my Canon Auto Zoom 518 for some time now, like 11 rolls worth. It worked flawlessly for some time, but recently this bizarre tick started occurring. About half-way through a roll, the camera will get stuck. I can't push the trigger in and the R/RL/Stop button won't move. However, if I switch over from 18fps to 24fps, it will start shooting, then I can switch it back to 18 and it will work again. This happens erratically and is unpredictable. As a side note, I did some experimenting. While I was having the problem, I just removed the cartridge and it worked perfectly again. My first guess is the motor is going, any other ideas? I'm considering just dumping this guy and picking up something else though, cause the lens threads are messed up and it's just a 518 anyways.
  9. I want to get a Canon Auto Zoom 814, I'm noticing there's the "regular" type and the later 70s "Electronic" one with some additional features, and doesn't require the circular watch-type batteries. Is there a difference? Is one better than the other? Should I watch out for anything in terms of buying these guys on ebay? A camera shop here in town has one for like $230, but that is preeeetttty expensive!! Do these shoot Vision 3 500T well? How bout the other Vision series films? My Canon 518 has been good, but I want something with more versatility and a better lens. Thanks!
  10. Hello! I'm about to shoot a mostly outdoor film this weekend with some rolls of 100D, and I want to know if this will work with my camera. I understand I need to leave it on the 'light bulb' setting to get it to work, but will it come out well? Anything I should know about shooting 100D in full daylight? I've previously been using 64T with great results, just want to make sure i'm not SOL with this 100D stuff. What do the "light bulg" and "sun" settings actually do? They're not exactly for shooting indoors or out are they? Are they different filters for different kinds of film? thanks! -Andy
  11. Dammit, well the light meter in the church wasn't in "the red" so I guess it's okay, right? We'll see. At night I shot Tri-x b&w film with a bright light, the meter didn't move, but It was BRIGHT. I'm guessing all the black in the background is the reason the meter didn't register the light up front, on people. We'll see.
  12. I'll be shooting a friends' wedding this weekend as a present. Nothing like Super 8 home movies. I'm kind of worried about the light though as the reception will be in a dimly-lit barn and in my well-lit room the aperture is open to 1.8, practically all the way. The camera is a Canon Auto Zoom 814 and I'm going to use Tri-X B&W film and Ektachrome64. Any solutions for low-light shooting? Can anyone give me some advice on using some auxiliary light during filming? It needs to be fairly portable and not too invasive as I don't want to destroy the mood with some 300watt bulb. thanks!
  13. Now that I'm home from work and have tested both the 1.5v and 1.4v batteries in my camera I can say that the light meter performs exactly the same, with not even a .5 stop noticeable difference. that pretty much answers all my questions. Thanks so much for all your help!
  14. Haha, I can't seem to get anything right with this camera so far. So I went ahead to Batteries Plus in San Francisco and bought some duracell PX625s, they fit perfectly but they are 1.5 volts. Will the two-tenths of a volt make a difference in the light meter? My guess is more power will make the meter jump more, and close the aperture, making your film underexpose--- which is the opposite of what I want in the low-light wedding I'm gonna shoot. Thanks so much for walking me through this!
  15. This is absurd. I've called every drug store in San Francisco to find the other air zinc size 675 and no one has them. They only have the smaller size 675. Why there are two different size 675 batteries, I don't know, but I'm feeling stuck now. How is this not covered in the other thread about size 675 hearing aid batteries? Is there anything wrong with using two smaller sized 1.4v batteries? It's still the same voltage right?
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