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  1. If you still need help , check out HDCameraGuide.com , they have a new feature that allows you to ask professionals such as Larry Thorpe of Canon’s Broadcast Division’s HD or veteran director of photography James Mathers . Just submit a question and you will get a response rather quickly! Good Luck!
  2. If you still need help finding a camera, HD Camera Guide just improved their website with new videos and information about HD Cameras. :rolleyes: The link is http://www.hdcameraguide.com/
  3. When I was trying to figure out which HD Camera to use I did an extensive amount of research online, but now there is this great You Tube Channel that is education and informative about HD Cameras. HD Camera You Tube Channel I hope this helps you!
  4. I just watched this very interesting video that Mark Schubin did on HD Camera Image Quality. I found it very educational. The link to the video is : http://www.hdcameraguide.com/guide/schubin
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