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  1. Hi, Is the NPR still available? Thanks, Erik
  2. Looking for 35mm projector. The more portable the better, like an old devry or something like that. I'm also interested in any other 16mm or 35mm editing or projection equipment.
  3. I've been doing this with a pair of rewinds in a calumet film changing tent, but I've been spooling a-minima loads down to 100' daylight spools. You have to half twist the film because a-minima loads are emulsion side side out, kind of a pain but free film is free film. As for an apparatus to spool down 400' loads I was thinking of using my arri 16s mag to do it. Then you also get the use of the footage counter on the mag. You can probably just get a 16s mag with torque motor and alligator clip a battery to the leads. Just an idea.
  4. Thanks for prodding me, I just got some film back from the lab. I'll probably set it up and do it this weekend or maybe sooner. Have a good day. Erik
  5. I just bought a konvas with only the hand crank and I'm going to be needing a motor. Any one have anything to offer? I have a lot of 16mm stuff I could trade for it (Bolex, Beaulieu, K-3, other stuff also), cash is fine also. I'm also looking for lenses if the price is right. Thanks, Erik
  6. Babar, Where are you located? Drop me a line to talk $ quadphonic@hotmail.com do you have any pictures? Erik
  7. Hi Bob, There has been one on e-bay with '400 mag, 2 lenses, and constant speed motor. It was buy it now $1800, dropped from $2200. What sort of lenses do you have? I'm in the market for a 35mm mos camera. Is yours ready to go? Erik
  8. Hi William, I'm getting some color negative processed this week and I'm going to try it. It will probably be about 2 weeks before I have results to show. I will post when I have them. The only Issues I can see other than solidly aligning the optics is getting rid of the scanning bar from the way the digital slr shutter functions. I think I can do this by modifying the shutter in the projector. Good luck. Let me know how it goes. I'm no pro and I'm just doing this for personal projects so take my advice with a grain of salt. Erik
  9. No, It's make by a European company who's name I can't currently remember. I'll check when I get home. I also have an angenieux 5.9 t2 lens in arri standard mount I could work in with the 16s. I don't really want to part out the 16s package
  10. Greetings, I have drawers full of cameras for sale. 5 non-reflex bolex 16mm starting at $100 2 bealulieu r16 (one spring wound one electric) $400 for the pair with some lenses of your choice 1 kransgorsk 3 $250 regular 8 reflex bolex with primes and zoom (in really good shape, very late with 10x viewfinder) $200 an assortment of lenses including a built in viewfinder c mount zoom who's make I can't remember right now. 6 or so good quality super 8 cameras including a sankyo that does time lapse I also have a arriflex 16s with an angi 12 120, 1 400'mag, tobin variable motor, 24 crystal motor, arri stock variable speed motor, camera and torque motor modded for 12v by cinema products, video tap, and cases for all of it. $2000 All of this is in Chicago. I would like to sell locally. Some has been recently tested, some has not, come check it out. call after 6:00 central 312.735.6577 Also various projectors and stuff
  11. Yeah, The band is because The shutter of the projector needs customization. To improve sharpness I need to stabilize the whole system and be able to fine tune the focus more easily. You can zoom in with camera to aid in focusing but the system has so much shake that its hard to touch it gently enough to be able to see what you are doing when you are fine tuning. I'm going to mount the whole thing on a unistrut base and attach a heavier duty tripod head to cheap xy bed for a drill press. Also a slightly shorter lens, like a 105, should help. I think anything shorter that 105 will bring the lens too close to the projector and I would have to start modifying it.
  12. Hi, Do you still have the IIc? What would you like to get out of it? Thanks
  13. Hmm, I tried it on my, and a different computer, it seems to work fine over here. The first couple frames are maybe black. Or maybe you have some sort of codec/driver issue. Any one else have a problem seeing the link?
  14. Here is a link to some footage from my experimental system. I think a little exposure adjustment, and eliminating camera shake will make this a pretty good system. The source film is on b/w reversal 4 years expired before i used it, and I had the t1i set on monochrome. I'm going to try it in color, I think it will work better. The film was shot at 12 frames a second with the actor moving slowly and the projector was running at 30ish fps. Feedback and ideas welcome. http://vimeo.com/9329036
  15. Brief description of my setup for which I will post results from soon: I was inspired by a slide duplicator. It works great. I'm shooting directly at the film (projector lens removed, 15 watt bulb fitted in lamp house instead of 500 watt bulb) with my t1i/m42 to eos adaptor/extension ring/macro bellows/takumar 135 lens. It takes patience to set up but works great. You can focus down to the film grain. The analyst projector has variable speed so I can avoid most phase issues. I'm going to get a 105 lens instead, I'll be able to get a bit closer to the film and ditch the macro rings and just use the bellows. Minus the camera this whole setup cost me about $150, including projector. I know the photo looks a bid ridiculous but it works.
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