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  1. Was wondering if most people soften them. I've seen a lot of set pics in ASC or just from walking around in the city and usually I don't see the HMI going through any type of diffusion. I know it all depends on the look of the film but isn't that a really harsh light? I guess they have it at a distance so its less harsh. But wondering if people diffuse them a lot. Thanks
  2. If you keep the camera at a 320 and set your meter to a 250 overexposing a 1/3 like most do with film stocks can you run the risk of clipping your hightlights? I read on reduser a lot of people going back and forth some saying they set their meter to a 250 others a 160. So I assume its ok esp. since you have all the onboard tools to make sure you don't clip. Also even though its digital I don't think 1/3 would be very major. But just asking.
  3. Have read a lot about problems with the red camera and noise in the shadows. My question is if for example your silhouetting something and exposing for the background will that silhouette become noisy? Or is noise prominent when you have an overall underexposed scene with no highlights?
  4. Was wondering about rating a stock 1/3 over. I know a lot of DP's have the image printed back down during the lab process with the print. But is it ok to just get the transfer back and bring that 1/3 down in post rather than have the lab do it? I'm a student so I was thinking it would give me more control of my final product since I cant afford supervised transfers.
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