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  1. well then if i understand you right, unlike most all reviews i've read your saying the GH-2 video quality is therefore superior to the 7D as well? because the 60D has the same video quality as the T2i & 7D, not counting the limited ISO stop selections for the T2i. and do you also have a 5D?
  2. thanks there Peter....well what i want to hear are concrete, specific ways or proof of how the 4/3rds image or Canon is better. extra features or opinions are nice to hear, but that really isn't going to change my opinion until i hear and see real reasons of how one image is superior to the other, in order to change my mind.
  3. unless something new in the next couple months is coming down the pike, i'm think i'm going to get the 60D, with it's improvements putting it in price and quality between the 2Ti & 7D. however, i've talked to some folks who love the Panasonic's 3/4 imaging and veriety of lens for it as well. any thoughts or suggestions? thanks!
  4. thanks for your reply Tom, i just now see your post after being gone from this site for a good month or so. so when you say you had the film upconverted, i'm supposing you mean had the DVX 100(a or b?) converted to HD tape? i see....well i did just now see your website a kudos for your film! i guess originally i was thinking of converting the ccd's in the DVX to hd chips, but i'm guessing that'd be not worth the bucks.... for the money selling the DVX and getting one or two T2i's is one thought that comes to mind....maybe. what camera you using on your next film?
  5. Tim, i've been considering the perks of the adjustable viewfinder of the panasonic as well (why Canon won't make such a seemingly easy change for to their viewfinder is beyond me). However, in the end, the over picture quality rules, and from what i've read on these cameras the Canons win in that regard. how would you go about changing my mind regarding the picture quality? and even the T2i is 18 mega pixel to the G1's 12. i'm leaning torward the T2i. And Oh, i was told Panasonic is coming out with a new DLSR camera in July? cheers, Kyle
  6. someone recently told me this was possible....doesn't anyone know? thanks!
  7. good question i'm wondering the same thing, especially since i'm thinking of getting the T2i as well :blink:
  8. i've read that it does over heat after a 12 minute continuous shoot, but i don't see myself having shot that lasts that long often, not at all. i realize it's a plastic body, not metal like the D7....so i'm guessing the plastic doesn't deal with the heat as well....
  9. like a computer, does the processor have more to do with the digital camera's speed, not quality of picture?
  10. ok, so, in regards to my original question, how does the T2i's incremental ISO and having one processor effect it's image quality compared to the D7's? and how many processors does the D7 have? thank for your help :-)
  11. i've recently, as in this past weekend, met one person who was filming on the set i'm acting in, using the new EOS Canon Rebel T2i, and he told me the video features of that camera were a carbon copy of the D70, but not the still photo features. and soon after i met someone who plans to buy the T2i for that same reason, the HD video. and OH, the camera is half the cost of the D70, at $899. does anyone know much about this? i'm holding out till see what's new at this years NAB next week, but i can say i'm leaning toward the T2i, for budget reasons. the cameraman i mentioned was using a lens kit with about 12 various pieces of glass. wkylem
  12. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- alot to ponder indeed. i've just recently stumbled on the new reality of still cameras with HD, first with seeing an add for a Nikon, and then days soon after acting in a film with the Canon 5D being used by the cameraman, with his 4 or so extra lens choices for a well done student film: this past week, i came across an article, in which the reviewers were favoring the Panasonic Lumix GH-1 to the Canon or Nikon versions, especially for it's AF focusing in decent light: http://www.photographybay.com/2009/03/03/p...onic-lumix-gh1/ i've yet to research it, but a Pentax K-7 with HD just came out..... scratching my head of these choices i am.
  13. does anyone here know if any good side-by-side comparisons of the newer Canon D7 with the Nikon D3S?
  14. i'm wondering if anyone has seen many or any informative comparisons of these two cameras.... the D7 has higher resolution, more various shutter speeds, but noticeably smaller sensor (around $1600 -$1800) while the D3S will only shoot in 24p, lower rez but a superior sensor (around $5000). i recently acted in a short film and the camera being used was the D5, and the dp mentioned something about there being a depth of field difference in the two brands... he was using many differ lenses with his D5. here is the link: (i'm the crazed thug with bad hair)
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