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  1. Right now, it is a toss up between the Eclair NPR and the ACL 2. I need to know the pros and cons and comparisons of each including price, sound, performance, and sync. Also, if there are other cameras I should look at within the same price range, and anything else I shold look for. Thank you, A.J.
  2. What is the difference between the Eclair NPR and the Eclair ACL, which one is newer or of the higher advance. Thanks A.J.
  3. Hello all, I am definitely going to purchase a lighting kit. I need a proffessional one, but I am not sure which to get. -What are some good places online to buy -What brands would be the best and most versitile -What should I look for in the way of watts for dramatic and cinematic lighting -I have no idea what how many watts to get, what would be typical Any and all help would be great. Thank you Alex
  4. Hey Guys, Yet another camera that is a possibility with me. The Eclair NPR Super 16 package this time. I was also thinking about a bolex, but the sound issue and everything may not work. -I was wondering if I can get a realistic review of this camera. -An expected price range -Lense information, also Frame rates. And any other specifics I should know about the camera. Thanks all of you A.J.
  5. I have been offered to purchase a EBM Bolex camera that is already converted to Super 16mm. I have heard mixed reviews regarding bolex cameras. -I need honest opinion of this camera -Comparisons to other cameras -What I should ask the seller to make sure I am getting what I paid for -Also, what does a crystal do, what is it used for? -And are the lenses interchangable? -Basically is this a good deal? Thanks for any and all help A.J.
  6. Thank you . That is a lot of help. :-) I know I sound naive on this subject. But that is what this forum is for A.J.
  7. Hey guys, I am looking to rent, and eventually purchase a Super 16mm camera that I can use for extreme proffessional look. It will be for Music video's, commercials, and Film. I know to get the look I want(idealy anything as close to the 35mm cinematic look as possible) it requires a bunch of different factors, but what is the best combination. From film stock to lenses and definitely the camera that will work for me. Now here is the kicker, I am talking about for the price of something a grad student(me) can afford, which isnt that much at all. This is why it might be renting first. But I have recently been commissioned to do several projects, in which others will be fronting the bill, but I am interested for my own work. It is very important for the quality issues. I have seen 16mm film that looks incredible, and others that looks horrible, depending on the equipment used. Any help anyone can give, all suggestions and ideas are much appreciated. A.J. P.S. Please forgive my spelling
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