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  1. Hi fellas, I want to buy some used equipment for film. Panther dolly is on top of my list. Please reach me thru: alexmarchcine@gmail.com If you have any info or you have any equipment for sale. Thanks a lot.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewzY-vXJAsU how could they make it happen??? I mean How they combine seri of shots from different location? It looks like a baby from Autodesk Smoke!!! Any idea???
  3. I wanna publish a rental house in South-East Asia and look for used film equipment. Any suggestion? Thanks a lot for your replies!!!
  4. Thanks David for your reply. Due to my low budget, 4k is somewhat i'll go with!!! Your suggestion was my plan before they limited my lighting! i'm gonna go with T2-2.8, 1x4k HMI + 1x 2k HMI side by side for each side! How you think???
  5. http://www.flickr.com/photos/80119084@N05/10111522033/
  6. How do you guys light this??? Red Epic, moon light effect,
  7. I'm about to shoot my short next month. Camera: Panasonic P2Hd. As a part of it, we got a "gameshow" scene, i wanna make it real in 50' x 65' studio. So i really need some tips for gameshow lighting setup or anything can help me make it happen. anyone has experience about that? lights are not problem coz they are free for this project. Thanks alot for tips
  8. so sorry for late response. i've been shooting so far. yub, u are right abt "softness". i ve worked in tough condition with unqualified equipments.i think the main cause was lighting. so many lights come from China or handmade one. sometimes i gotta work with very harsh 2800k-2900k Tungsten, 5800k-6000k Fresnels, handmade dollys,and they have no idea what filter is (some can)... i just realized 2 days ago. but somehow i still gotta deal with them. i'd posted this before i got here but after a few shoots i can imagine whats goin on here. i heard of them but i didnt believe it n thought they must've been sth else. Born and studied in States, that's why i was so confused and couldnt picture it as well. this is a completed new world to me. Anyways Thanks alot for your tips
  9. i got a problem with the shot, i always wanna archive the softness but i dont know how. im so confused between shutter, ISO or my lighting setup, the result i got is always almost in Digital camera. thanks for any tips
  10. what exact effect u wanna archive? soft, harsh backlight or something else? why dont u try to hang a reflector on and a redhead with snoot on the floor instead of a kino (4x4)? Just another idea i did before and it work pretty cool with my scene.
  11. yub, i know that, but not MFA from AFI
  12. Can you guys believe that a 24 year old guy can get a MFA in cinematography. i've just met a guy like that but it made me pretty confused. as i know at least 28 years old right?
  13. my film project is running next month. i need some dvd reels for training and experience, someone helps me! student filmor graduateing film also, can u upload some? thanks alot.
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