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  1. ZEISS - STANDARD SPEED MKI - SET (16,24,32,50,85) F2 S35 Very nice vintage set of MKI Standard Speeds F2. Nicely sized for gimbal use. -Excellent Condition -DUCLOS SERVICED -Clean Glass -Covers S35 -Smooth Mechanics -Standard Fronts -Front and Rear Caps -Nice vintage look -Storm Case PRICE: 10K
  2. Very Nice matched set of Zeiss B Speeds 35mm, 50mm, 85mm-Very Clean Glass-Smooth focus and iris rings-PL Mount adapters-Original front and rear caps-Ready to Shoot
  3. Looking to purchase a Zeiss Super Speed 25mm. B Speed, MK I , MK II. Anyone selling?
  4. Carl Zeiss Planar 85mm Standard Speed in PL Mount S/N: 67xxxxx -Great Condition -Very Clean Glass -Very Smooth Mechanics -No Scratches -No Fungus -No Haze -Minor paint loss on the body $4500
  5. Recently overhauled by Optitek. Where they designed and installed a new PL mount, and cleaned/re-greased the focus and iris. Both operate very smoothly now. Some details below: -The minimum focus is 2ft 10 inches -Tested against a Lomo 35mm SQUARE FRONT this ROUND FRONT 35mm has a wider field of view which is nice. -The lens is sharp, and the focus breathing/distortion/mumps are minimal. -Some light scratches on the front element. Nothing that might effect the image. -Small chip / separation inside the front element along the edge. In my test footage it did not have an effect on the image so I just left it as is. -Has rear cap and temporary front cap -Produces very nice anamorphic images and a very nice lens $17,000 USD
  6. FOR SALE : CARL MEYER 38mm F1.0 On ebay or make me an offer off ebay at j @ bognacki . com http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=120963150030 more images at http://todaystomorrow.tumblr.com/
  7. Looking to purchase a set of Lomo Anamorphic Diopters for Square fronts. Anyone selling? jbognacki @ gmail . com Thanks- Jason
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