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  1. Hey folks, can someone recommend good 1-2 weeks advanced cinematography workshops somewhere in the U.S. ? Oli
  2. Hey there, here is an unfinished trailer of a feature film that I've shot on the 5dmk2: password is "toy" Total budget was 50k Euro, so it is a microbudget. Hope you' ll like it Olivier
  3. Hi Oron., I used the Zeiss ZF line for the most part, the very wide shots were done with the Leica Elmarit 19mm. The shot at the hanger was done with a 2.5k HMI open face (that is the one that is in the frame), and a 1.2K Hmi fresnel just behind the plane. I don't know about the grading though :/ Here is an ungraded screengrab cheers O.
  4. Hey folks, I want to share my latest project that I ve shot on the 5dmk2. http://olivierkoos.blogspot.com/2010/04/ai...romo-video.html I hope you'll like it. Can't wait for your feedback Cheers Oli
  5. This was just a small spontaneous test, I did not had a 40mm on the Zeiss ZF, 35mm was the closed I had. I will repeat these tests tough and will make them more elaborated.
  6. The lenses were at the same stop, but T lenses are calibrated the other lenses are not so that makes the difference. Next time I will try to have them completely the same by calibrating them with the waveform. This was supposed to be a subjective test, I ll try to do a line chart test next time. Still, I am amazed that there is not really a huge difference of look, and how it handles the out of focus (i don t mean the DOF).
  7. What is meaningless? f/t: 2.8 on the ultra prime and Zeiss ZF , f/t: 4 on the canon and cooke
  8. Let s please stay on the topic and not fall into a DSLR vs everything else discussion again ;-)
  9. http://olivierkoos.blogspot.com/2010/04/ca...-pl-lenses.html What are your thoughts? I am actually impressed that the difference is not huge. Oli
  10. Olivier Koos

    New York

    Hey folks, I am in NY until 5 of April, anyone of you folks wonna meet up for a drink? Oli
  11. Hey folks, I'll soon travel from London to New york with some film stock, follow focus and rod support on me. I am from Luxembourg and will help a friend on his film (unpaid). Now I wonder if I might get problems at the US Airport security in explaining to them that I will not be there with business intentions. I'll be going with the waver program. Anyone some experiences/advice to share? Thanks Oli
  12. I am selling my Iscorama 54, anyone interested? O.
  13. Hi folks, do you think it would make sense for me, as someone who is based in Luxembourg and wants to establish himself across the boarders, to find an agent in the UK ? Oli
  14. Hey folks, what do you think would be better the K-35 or the new Zeiss compact PL line if you would go with the red? Compact PL is also based on still photography lenses, ready for 8 perf images and "cheap" so I think it would be fair to compare, no? o.
  15. Hi there, thank you for your feedback :) It is even simpler, you are right about the HMI but i did not use a bounce on this particular picture :)
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