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  1. Thanks guys...that helps a lot! Wasn't even considering the off sync cuts that I can fill with in needed spots. I was planning on playing the same audio through the same device on all takes so I have it to sync to. Was hoping to get all takes dead-on (audio) so I don't have to manually move a lot that tiny amount that will make it a nightmare since the song is 6 minutes long Plural Eyes is my next nice-to-have as you mentioned Phil (nice video by the way!), but saving for a few must-haves right now. It wil be a must-have when I'm micing seperate audio for a short (a long short that is). Brad
  2. What's the best way to get lip sinc footage from a musician for editing a music video that I can get the video track lined up with the audio and not have to keep cutting individual 3-5 sec shots? Was thinking of 2 methods, but maybe there's a better way. 1- have the musician play out 10 full tracks and set-up each track w a lens, lighting, background, etc. and take footage without cutting for the whole song. Then drop each track into the timeline at the same start point and pull shots from each of the 10 tracks so each shot is already in sinc 2- set-up each shot individually and record approx location of the shot for general audio sinc and final sinc by aligning by hand w audio. Sorry if this is not a question for the General forum but couldn't find the editing forum I thought used to be here Brad H
  3. Thanks...just thought maybe there was something else out other than the IR stuff that I've never read about
  4. Is there not anything available to electronically focus on film or DSLR cameras? Are the only means of accurately pulling focus on a moving shot to have a focus assist monitor and a focus puller? Sorry...I'm a stupid newbie.
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