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  1. Hello I'm thinking of buying superfalcon2 for my light and grip company Anyone with experience out here , recommendations etc.? www.cinetech.it Thanx Stepan Sivko www.pixrperfect.com
  2. Looks like we are the only active folk around here Richard,how is life? Stepan
  3. Hi folks, Im looking for good Key Grip/Dolly grip for a feature starting August 7th - September 7th, Shooting at summer camp near Orillia / GTA area, about 3 hours drive north of Toronto, Canada. Pay: 900$/ week (6 day week/12 hours) catering provided by the camp kitchen, accommodation in wooden cabins sharing with other 11 people from the crew. Equipment from Whites consists of 4k's,2.5's,575's,2k's,8' tubes KF 55, source 4's,12by,8by,Chameleon dolly and 10 pieces of track, I already have bestboy,and 3 swings, just looking for experienced key. Thanx Stepan Sivko Gaffer
  4. Hi guys, looking for advice....recently i shot some footage on Gy100 and i just got it from the production company in mov file as uncompressed 720 24p. i tried my windows based quick time ,but it only plays sound and no picture. It plays fine on any mac. Im obviously missing some codec, but anyone has an idea which one? Im as well unable to edit that footage in my Premiere pro 2.0 thanx Stepan
  5. Hello everyone, Happy new Year 2007 and if anyone is looking for a DoP/Gaffer in GTA area (Toronto/Hamilton) let me know, Im hungry for work and for meeting new people! Im a hard and fast worker, easygoing,professional...please feel free to check out my site at www.stepansivko.com and light rental package available through me www.pixrperfect.com best light Stepan Sivko
  6. Hello folks, Im looking for advice regarding my upcoming music video shoot. Camera: HVX200 my concern: We are going to shoot in a abandoned church, the oltar has been replaced by huge greenscreen with markings for matting and tracking purposes. The greenscreen will be replace in post by a picture of a tree and the director wants rays of sunlight to be coming from it inside to the church.. Isuggested rigging couple of Par 64's and bring the mist machine over, but now Im having second thoughts about it.....would the fog and rays of light create any problems to the post guy in implementing the image of the tree? Is it better to add such effect in post? Thanx for any advice. Stepan, Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
  7. Hi Joe, I as well try to sit as much with the director before the show and even discuss every aspect of "how he likes to work" that I tell him my perspective of the role of a DOP and than we either continue (99% cases) or we say goodbye. I think the most important day is always the first day on set, people need to feel from you that you know what you are doing and those who dont think so (like script supervisors) should be ignored, or let them be aware of what they r doing..... Stepan p.s. my 2nd AC was brilliant when it came to cooling down some hotshot....I remember that similar thing happend on one show with Production designers assitant beeing "too active" he ended up with a horse poop stuck in his sleeping bag. Not my idea, but I totaly felt like he deserved it.
  8. I dont think still 35mm camera is the easy way, but I will consider following SLR's as a interesting choice..... Canon 1D MARK IIN 8.5fps for up to 48fps or Nikon D70s 3fps up to 144fps (jpeg) Stepan
  9. Sorry folks forgot to leave a contact info. Please send me ur CV's and contact info to stepansivko@yahoo.com transportation covered, accomodation covered, expect nonunion day rates And one more thing....we are shooting near Niagara Falls, Ontario,Canada....the production will not cover transportation from states or europe. However if youre willing to comeover anyway...we will arrange accomodation film website www.deadfallthemovie.com
  10. Hi there, Im shooting a horror feature starting september 25th to October 21st. Im looking for 1st AC's and 2nd's. Payed position. I will value any recomendations. 16mm or HD Stepan Sivko Director of Photography
  11. Hi folks, Im shooting a feature starting september 25th-21st October, in Ontario Canada, st. Catherines area mainly, now we r still deciding between s16mm and HD, and because Im new to GTA im looking for 1stAc and 2ndAc that have experience with both formats. please send me your CV to stepansivko@yahoo.com Stepan www.deadfallthemovie.com
  12. Hi guys ,i need help... I supppose to shoot a doc for CTV in autumn about poverty, they want the delivery in digibeta as well in HDCAM...so right away we decided to shoot on HD....now why im mentioning this here....cos we will shoot lot of times undercover I dont want to be running around junkies and criminals with a 50000$ BIG ASS camera on my shoulder...so i started considering using HDV...canon H1 off course...now i got to an argument with sound man who is very unhappy with my choice because of unstable??? Timecode?? which has to do with fact that canon uses mpeg2 compression.....doesnt that actualy matter if we r gonna record sound directly to tape and is it realy that much of an issue??? thanx for any opinions Stepan
  13. thanx rick for reply it took a while somebody did...but honestly the image you see must be letterboxed in the finder right. you dont get the full aspect cos still the finder is 4:3 S
  14. howdy! well Phil you just hit the nail with the hammer....what to do with the HDSDI out by canon....our company was trying to get the best out of it and I personaly thing the best you can get from it for resonable price is that you use it as a onset reference for a DP for lighting and focus...as well every director who saw the monitor so far is so amazed by it...cos they all r used too pal oncamera out from 35,16mm cameras which looks so ugly specialy when you roll. Otherwise you can oofcourse rent a HDSR deck (if any company rents it out) but than we will be forced to pay that company same money like they pay us for the hole kit...and than most of the people will just go for HDCAM package cos it aint no more different. What might be the solution is some kind of a cheaper external recording system like HR-1 by wafian or onboard (still in development) solution by charon HDU-1. Back to the canon lens,,,i promise tu run some optical comparison tests with it, i know so far that if you zoom and you have autofiocus on you dotn have a problem ...it starts when you are in full manual. best light Stepan My experience so far....use glass NDs as much as you can,dont go for the on zoom NDS!..they create noise! We just saw today the footage,,,and all the invited DPs including us where stunned by the images such little piece of plastic (sorry Im still a 35mm dude no matter what) can create....the HDV format and 25F by canon delivers images that r from other century....its a beatiful thing ,from now on almost anybody can shoot films and edit them at home and than just bring edited graded film with sound mix to any lab to burn it to film and screen it..... wow Good night and Best light S
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