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  1. I've just completed my first year of business with my own company. For the first year I got by with an inexpensive JTL softbox set-up each light being 500w, with one Lowel Pro light. It actually worked just fine for most of the work which is shooting interviews. For my second year I'd like to upgrade my lighting. I'm considering for my main lights either 2 1000w Arri's with softboxes (Chimera etc.) or 2 Lowel 1000w Rifa lights, or a pair of Kino Flo Diva 400's. Interview lighting will still be the main focus, but I also need more light for when I use my Letus35 with the HVX200, or for shooting green screen. I plan for now to use the JTL and Lowel for fill and backlight, and eventually replace the JTL's completely. With money not being a big issue, what would you recommend? Pros and cons on each?
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