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  1. We shot some key pieces of this short film using super 8mm. It was pretty seamless but helped add to the effect that you were watching someones real home movies: http://redd.it/34bi0f
  2. Take a look at this short film that featured only children and was done with no dialogue whatsoever http://redd.it/34bi0f
  3. anybody can add crossfades and cut scenes on moves and have rhythm… the real question is can you tell a story? the important thing is my clients keep throwing work, so let it be mincemeat as long as they're bitin'
  4. yeah. none of it was after effects… putting "colorist" is a whole different thing. Simple without overplaying the color correction aspect is just right. things are better left unspoken sometimes
  5. Let me know what you guys think of this demo reel... http://www.vimeo.com/8989438
  6. I would love to get some feedback from people on here, I just finished my 2010 demo reel. After 6 months of graduating film school it's been a rough ride in New York but I'm still managing to do big projects. If anyone has any feedback I would love to hear it. http://vimeo.com/8989438 Thank you very much -Jeff
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