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  1. So I have Canon 1014 XL-S Super 8mm Camera, that is damaged, I purchased it off ebay about 2 years ago and used it successfully for two different projects. That is until recently, when the motor started acting up stopping and starting, I can now not see through the viewfinder. What I am asking for is someone in Ireland or the UK that repairs Super 8 Cameras, or even better Canon super 8mm cameras. If anyone has any ideas please Help as I love my camera and hate the idea of losing it!
  2. Hey guys, recently made big mistake, I am filming for my documentary. I am filming it on my EX-1, I live in Ireland, the settings were 1080 25p, shutter speed 60 (first mistake, I think), flicker reduction was off but at 60Hz, filmed under a tungsten light, powered by a generator. There was some issues with the footage after reviewing it. http://vimeo.com/22088207 this link is not exactly representative of the footage but gives some idea. I have two questions; 1. is it possible to salvage my footage, can I reduce this strobing or flicker, by converting the footage. 2. Should I have used these settings, 1080 25p, shutter speed 50, flicker reduction on 50Hz, any help would be great as I will be shooting further material next week. thanks people Luke
  3. Hey peoples looking for some advice about what would be a good tripod, to start out with I need something capable of taking the weight of my Sony EX-1, and potentially take the weight of Red 1, as I sometimes rent. I have been looking at; Manfrotto 504HD,546BK 2-Stage Aluminum Tripod System. link below: http://cgi.ebay.ie/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=130494297365&ssPageName=ADME:B:WNARL:IE:1123 I want something decent but not really expensive, any advice would be very helpful.
  4. Hi thanks for the reply More then enough if needed, set of kino's 4ft bank x 2, 2 x blonds, set 1 red heads, 2 kits of mini kino flo's, set of 300 watt Arri's. Can get any combination from those. I think the basic problem with the test is the flatness of the colors, true the windows weren't diffused, the lighting was very basic and I did very little in changing the color settings in the EX3, but it still looks flat. I was thinking that as the shot moves from a close up out to a wide that it could be possible attach the mini kino flows to the jib arm under the camera to pick out some light in the eyes. The concept is a Birthday party, I want more richness in the colors. Apologies for broad nature of questions.. thanks Luke
  5. Hi I'm presently in college, and am working as a DOP on a short Visual Drama. I'm just looking for some advice about lighting for the RED 1 as this is the first time I have worked with it. The idea behind the script is one slow track back from a CU on a kids face to WS of the room, all shot 120fps. The room is large about 30 feet long and by about 15 feet wide, there are four windows 5 feet high by 3 across, all the windows are along one side of the room and one on the back wall. Here is a link to a test that was shot on the EX 3 at 60fps. http://vimeo.com/11005464 Lighting is just with a bouncing blond and a 4ft bank of Kino flo and the light from the windows. just trying to decided between geling the windows or blacking them altogether. any advice would be appreciated. thanks Luke
  6. Thanks That dose help, I just spoke to a guy that owns a Red 1 and he told me the same. That when in 2K 120fps, you should use 16mm lens to prevent vignetting, just wondering if someone could recommend a good 16mm or 25 prime that is compatible with the Red, the rental place has good selection of Ziess and Cookie primes. Much obliged for your words
  7. Hi I am going to be shooting a project on the Red 1 Camera at the end of April, the project consists of one long tracking shot, recorded at 120fps. My issue is that I won't be getting the camera till the day before we shot, so what I want to know is how to workout the equivalent angle of view on the Sony EX 3 lens with a couple of the Red's Pro Primes. Basically it is a very small budget, and as the concept calls for just the one shot I figure if I get the right lens then we can limit the rental to either 25mm or 35mm red pro prime. I have done a number of tests with the EX-3, and it seems that it's widest setting is just wide enough, this is the info from the sony product page; Focal Length f = 5.8 to 81.2 mm (equivalent to 31.4 to 439 mm on 35 mm lens) and from Red/Lenses; 25mm: H x V. FOV for S35 Format = 55.8 x 31.1 (degrees). 35mm: H x V. FOV for S35 Format = 41.4 x 22.5 (degrees). If anyone knows where could get the info? thanks Luke
  8. Hi More questions in relation to a recently purchased canon 1014 XL-S, I tried to do some filming with the time lapse settings. I experienced some difficulties I tried it on several settings; 1 frame in 60secs (it worked for 5 minutes, then stopped altogether), then 1 frame in 20secs (it worked correctly for about 3 minutes, then started dropping seconds, then it to stopped again), then tried it on the 1 frame in 5 secs, it stopped again. I then put it to the single frame setting and shot it about thirty times it then froze. On all of these settings I had shutter angle to 220 angle, I shot it on Ektachrome 64t, had the exposure set to be auto, and had the back eye-piece switched to close, the batteries we near full. on every setting the same end of cartridge message appeared in the viewfinder. But needless to say the cart was not finished. So what I am wondering is; the motor that governs the time lapse broken, or have I the wrong settings enabled. Also if the camera is damaged is there anyone who knows somewhere or someone that repairs the canon 1014 XL-s, either in England or Ireland ( I live in Ireland). many thanks for all help.
  9. Thanks a lot guys, following your advice. Just one thing it says on the canon museum web site. that the filter size is 72 mm (To be attached on the rubber hood.) http://www.cinematography.com/index.php?ac...=31&t=44922 I think that I have the filter rubber hood, it screws onto the lens ring, and seems to make it a 72mm. One more question A friend has an 85b filter, would this correct it for daylight in the same manner or is there a significant difference between 85 and 85b? cheers Luke
  10. Hi, I recently bought a canon 1014 XL-S, really nice camera got my first roll of 64t Ektachrome back from processing and telecine. just a couple of questions, I am presently shooting a documentary on the camera, I have a mixture of stocks, my problem is that due to a deadline for the project, I have to shot it on two negative stocks, 500t and 200t both vision3. i will be shooting in daylight, and I know this is not suitable stock to use, but needs must..., What I want to know is where to purchase an 85 filter with diamter of 72mm, i known that the canon has an in-built filter but i was told that the 500t and 200t disingage the filter and it can't be reingaged, while the stock is loaded. I have tired most of the major camera shops in Dublin (Ireland) where I live, no luck. any suggestions? Also i have heard that the canon 1014 xl-s, reads the 500t as 360 ASA and the 200T as 160 ASA, is that correct? many thanks
  11. Hi my name is Luke and I'm new to site, I am about to start a new project, it will require a extended slow motion shot. I just wanted to know did anyone have any experience of over cranking on this model. I have heard problems of flicking, ect. I do also have access to sony EX-3, just wanted to know if anyone had experience of increasing the slow motion footage of the EX-3 in post-production
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