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  1. Guy, May I ask if you tried those newer Dedo Fellonisas Dedo claims a higher CRI then Lightpanels? I only used LED as fill or eyelight in the past, never as key. Thanks. Regards, Jean
  2. Thanks Tom, I shoot tv documentaries, I am looking into adding a daylight source besides my divas. One that would have punch and have dc possibility as I have limited crew to setup gennys. I am also really not convinced about LED on skin tones.
  3. Anybody owns or has experience with these 2 units? Thanks. Jean
  4. Hi There, I am about to buy a light that can be DC fed. Anybody can tell me at 4-6' if a Joker 200 in a Chimera XS emits more or less FC then a 1 x 1 Litepanel?? Especially that the Joker 200 evolution is about the same price as a 1 x1 litepanels, pros and cons ??? Thanks Jean
  5. Jean Heguy

    Epic news

    Is it just me or RED as succeeded at catching to ARRI on price levels? They were bragging about being the affordable price point for indy shoots, they went from a 20k$ body to now a 58k$ body, and ARRI went from 200k+ (D21) to 70k(Alexa). Insert sarcasm here?
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