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  1. I have been away from the business for many years. I posted some days ago, about my dad's American Cinematographers. This is a different subject. So many changes have taken place since my dad shot film. I'm out of touch with any film people. I keep hearing rumors about celluloid film being phased out, and yet here from reading these forums I see that cinematographers are still talking about film as the capture medium, and there seems no letup in movies being shot on film. I'd like to know what the truth is. Is Kodak still producing negative film, and for how long? Is there a "conspiracy" afoot to turn over the capture medium to digital altogether -a frightening thought! That happened with CDs, and before anyone could say, "Hey, hold it!" they'd gone and authored half the record archives, and let the other half rot. Are we going to see a similar technological invasion in film, such that there will only be digital acquisition? I hope not. Film has just a great exposure latitude - and that's just one of its great features. Kodak has "slimmed down." Are they going to be able to stay in business? I know, sounds like a lot of questions, and maybe I should be asking them somewhere else, but I can't think of a better place than right here, with all you young pros to get some answers. I love film, still or moving, and I would hate to see it replaced by an inferior medium. Up till recently, digital was restricted to the internegative stage, and timing & color correction, and I know there are some great uses for digital in those kinds of processes, but will it ever replace film? Mike. BTW There was all kinds of talk as to whether Betacam video would replace film, way back in the 70s, and I recall a Kodak workshop I was at, in Rochester, where that was the big question mark, but back then the quality between the two was so marked nobody would seriously consider switching.
  2. Wish I could. I'm really attached to them. But thanks for your reply. It was really by way of starting some sort of dialog with professionals in the field that I posted that query. I am a writer, as I mentioned, and though I'm a lot older than most people like yourself, I would like to make these contacts, somehow, for the purpose of expanding on my knowledge and my initiatives in that field. I wonder if anyone had any ideas. Or is this all too vague? My way of narrowing down my options, starting with a wide sweep. Mike.
  3. Well, that's OK. I was just curious. They are worth a lot to me, and I wouldn't part with them because that and some production stills of my father working are about all I have left of him. It's my link to him and the memories I have of the film world. Mike.
  4. Hi. I'm new to this site. My father was a DP and after he died he left behind a huge number of issues of the American Cinematographer Magazine, the official organ at the time of the American Society of Cinematographers. Some of them date back to the early Sixties, and there are many issues from the Seventies, which is about when my father died, and the subscription ceased. There are articles about some of the most famous pictures ever made, such as " 2001: A Space Odyssey," directed by Kubrick; "Patton," "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?" Well, there are many titles. I was wondering if anyone has any copies of the American Cinematographer. I consider myself very lucky to have these in my possession. They are in amazing condition, because in those days they published using the acid paper that never yellows. Some of the magazines look as if they'd been bought yesterday. I'm wondering (a) Does anyone find this interesting, from whatever angle, and wish to discuss it? (B) I don't want to sell them, but I am curious if they are worth anything. I'm not a cinematographer myself - I write - but I've always maintained a continuing interest in and love of the craft of cinematography, and I did work with my father fairly often when he was on assignment, (as a boy) more or less as his assistant, changing camera rolls, and I even did focus-pulling, and I was a grip for a while pushing a dolly (the job I loved the best, hitting those marks as the drama on-set evolved and actors shifted to their own marks!) Anyhow, if anyone's interested, this topic is up for grabs in any direction. Love to hear from anyone interested in the contents of these magazines, or whatever. Oh yes, and © I would like to digitize these issues - at least the most important ones to me - but I don't have a scanner at the moment. I guess scanning would be the best way to get the job done, right? (d) assuming I can get a scanner, I'd be happy to upload any article(s) of interest to anyone free of charge. I'd be happy to upload a table of contents from which people could pick items of interest. Of course, I just realized that I don't know what the Copyright issues are here. I would imagine that if it's for personal use, it'd be OK, but I can't say for sure. Any ideas? Thanks, and keep on cranking. Mike. PS One other thing. It's been years since I had anything practically to do with film production, but lately I've been hearing rumors. Is film out, completely? I mean, is digital taking over entirely as the primary medium of production? I used to get In-Camera, but now that's digital too. Any heads-up on that would be welcome. Film has such a great look to it, and such great exposure latitude, I can't see digital ever catching up to it. I could be wrong, of course. But I could always tell whether something was shot on video or on film, and I'm wondering if the same difference is obvious with digital?
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