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  1. Where would be a good place to try to host a viewing for my independent film in NY, preferrably near Brooklyn? I'm looking to rent a small venue for the cast and crew, roughly 40 people.
  2. Hello all, I am in need of a composer to provide background for a full length film (drama) I have completed. This is a non paid gig, as the film was an independent production. I'm interested in working with someone who is interested in a movie credit and an IMDB credit. I am located in NY. If you're interested, please email a sample of your work to: Peoplearescaredofme@yahoo.com
  3. I've directed a film, but I have NO EXPERIENCE with Moviemaker, FCP, or ANY type of editing software. With that being said, if I buy a Mac, how long should it take me to learn FCP well enough to edit my own films?
  4. In need of an editor for a full length feature. We finished filming several months ago, and have edited more than half of the film. We're looking to take on a second editor to complete the film. This is a no budget production, so we're looking for an aspiring editor willing to work unpaid, for the chance to have an IMDB editor's credit for a feature film next to their name. Must be comfortable with Final Cut Pro and be able to capture 4 or 5 DV tapes. If interested, please PM me.
  5. Rather than make silly jokes, can you guys offer me some help?
  6. I shot my entire film with the camera mic, which did a great job for the most part, but I do need to re-shoot some scenes. I'm looking into a boom mic. Are these the basic ingredients? - boom mic - boom pole - wind muff Anyone know how much all this stuff should run me? I'm not opposed to going the used route on Amazon, either.
  7. My editor says he can't capture the tapes from my film. The entire movie was shot on DV tapes using a Panasonic DVX 100. He says he can see the footage we shot on his camera, but is unable to get it to capture. We tried to getting a head cleaner, hoping that would help, but it didn't. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I am currently in need of a 1st AD and a 2nd AD for my film, "Legends of Brooklyn", a full length feature to be shot in Brooklyn on every Sat-Sun in April, except April 17. In addition, we're also looking for a wardobe stylist. If you're interested, please contact me. Lamont Robinson 347 242 0146 peoplearescaredofme@yahoo.com
  9. Is it even worth it to try to film a movie using just the camera mic and perhaps a boom mic? Or is the sound mixer so essential that it's pointless to go at it without one?
  10. Auditions for our upcoming film, "Legends of Brooklyn", will be held on Tuesday March 16, from 2-5 PM at the Billie Holiday Theatre in Brooklyn, NY. The address is 1368 Fulton Street. Their number is 718 636-0918. Auditions are for the following roles: LEAD ROLES Sara - white female, 25-30, dark hair, serious looking, but cute. Role of a paramedic. SUPPORTING ROLES Terrence - black male, 30 or older, short hair, ability to lie with a straight face. Role of a paramedic. Clyde - black male, 30 or older, facial hair, must use a scratchy voice. Role of the local drunk. Claudia Powell - black female, 30 or older, speaks and behaves in a mature manner. Role of an elegant, upper class, working woman. Savarese - white or hispanic male, 40 or older, Role of a calm, experienced paramedic. Lampert - white male, 20 to 30, tall, slim, obnoxious and goofy. Role of a young, know it all paramedic. MINOR ROLES Melissa - white or hispanic female, 20-30, long hair, thin build. Role of a heroin addict. Frankie - white or hispanic, 30 or older, ability to talk in high pitched voice when excited. Role of a heroin addict. Eric - white or hispanic male, 20 or older, muscular and/or tattoos a plus. Role of a heroin addict. Jason - white or hispanic male, 20 or older, ability to speak with slight hispanic accent. Role of a heroin addict. Sharif - black or hispanic male, 20 or older, ability to speak with middle eastern accent. Role of Arab store clerk. Mr. Powell - black male, 50 or older, non speaking role, but in several scenes. Marvin - black male, 20 or older, must be able to look convincing while dying. Thug One - black or hispanic male, 20-30, thuggish. Role of a street hood. Thug Two - black or hispanic male, 20-30, thuggish. Role of a street hood. Thug Three - black male, 20-30, thuggish. Role of a street hood. Lisa - black or hispanic female, 30 or older, heavyset. Role of a pregnant woman delivering a baby. Tammy - black or hispanic female, 20, young looking, naive. Role of Lisa's younger sister. Lola - black female, 20, dress in mini skirts and tight clothes. Role of a sexy, sassy high school student. Omar - black male, 20, young looking. Role of Lola's younger brother. Helen - black, white or hispanic female, 30 or older, with wild hair. Role of a loud, angry woman having trouble breathing. Chad - white male, 30 or older. Role of an off duty nurse. Please bring your resume if you have one, and a headshot or polaroid. See you there! Lamont Robinson
  11. The Robinson Group is looking for a sound mixer for "Legends of Brooklyn", a full length feature to be shot in Brooklyn on every SAT-SUN in April, (9 days), with perhaps a couple of FRI. This is a non union, non paid gig, but meals will be provided. If interested, please contact Lamont Robinson.
  12. I get you, bro. But I've heard from many people, some in the industry, who say that experienced people will do projects for free. It's not an overwhelming amount, but there are some who are still willing. My thought is that I can fill up my cast and crew with hungry students, not so much vets like yourself who are used to getting paid, but I certainly understand your POV, too.
  13. ....OR, you could help this aspiring, but inexperienced director, by telling him how to correct his errors rather than make fun of him. Just a thought.
  14. The Robinson Group is looking for cast and crew for "Legends of Brooklyn", an EMS based, full length feature. Shooting on SAT-SUN in April, with perhaps a couple of FRI. I have no lighting or sound equipment. I do have a Canon HV-40, but if you have something better, I'd be happy to go with that! Non union shoot, with serious intentions to enter film festivals. No pay, but great opportunity for exposure, and meals will be provided. CREW NEEDED - DP - boom operator - sound mixer - gaffer - key grip / dolly grip - makeup - PA with a reliable car CAST NEEDED LEAD ROLE - Sara, white female, dark hair, 25-30, serious demeanor, yet cute. Slendor. SUPPORTING ROLES - Melissa, Frankie, Jason, Eric, hispanic or white, 20-30, heroin addicts. - Clyde, black male, 30 or older, local drunk. - Ms. Powell, black female, 40 or older, articulate, polished, daughter of a patient. - Terrence, black male, late 30's or older, protagonist' mentor, can be funny, yet serious. - Savarese, white male or hispanic, 40 or older, calm, seasoned paramedic. - Lampert, white male or hispanic, 20-30, goofy and obnoxious, know it all paramedic. - Lisa, black female, 30-35, nine months pregnant, delivers a baby. - Tammy, black female, 20-25, naive. - Lola, black female, 18-25, sexy, sassy high school student. - Helen, black female, 30 or older, heavy set, bad attitude. Anyone interested, please email me at: Peoplearescaredofme@yahoo.com
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