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  1. Those are very small and fiddley. Not big enough to I'm thinking 24x36 or 30x36 frame. Is there some brilliant little bit of grip equipment that would let me rig a frame to the center riser if a c stand or light stand?
  2. I'm doing food shoots in tight spaces like kitchens and dining areas in restaurants. I have some Clar Luxpando LED panels which i love but since they are panels and don't have bowens mounts I can't just slap a softbox on the front. To minimize the footprint of my lighting gear, can you recommend a way to rig a diffusion panel to the lightstand itself? Some of these areas are pretty tight and I'd love to avoid placing a c-stand with diff for each light.
  3. Thanks Tom, Yeah, I think these are all good points and I will learn from them. The assignment was a pretty quick one. We had three hours to shoot the whole thing and the location was standard for all groups in the class so we couldn't have altered it very much. Yes the eyelines are definitely messed up. I disagree about the music though, I think it works as is, but that's just a small thing. About the guy's face, you thought it was just too harsh, could have used a bit of fill? Thanks for the comments!
  4. No takers? Please, it is only 4 minutes: I would really appreciate some harsh criticism here. Thanks.
  5. Here is a film noir short film I shot with 3 other people for a production class at UCSB. Shot on a Canon XHA1 HDV camera. Graded in Magic Bullet. Used a couple of 650w fresnels and a little handheld spot light. Tell me what you think, be honest! Thanks http://www.vimeo.com/4585992 -Steve Lewis
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