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  1. Hello all, I am a University Student currently studying Animation and I am having a bit of trouble with a Cinematography assignment I am currently working on. The brief is as follows: You are to produce a series of storyboards that present the state of mind of an individual in a specific context, purely through use and combination of camera position and shot composition, and mobile framing if appropriate (ie: no facial characteristics are to be displayed in the visual presentation of the individual, and no specific props are to be included). The storyboards should be based around the following scenarios: the individual arriving at University for an interview (also his or her first visit) the individual arriving at University on a normal day (having become a student) the individual arriving at University on the morning of his/her final examinations In essence you are to ascertain what you feel the individual’s state of mind would be in each situation, and convey this state of mind to your viewer through appropriate and convincing shot composition and juxtaposition. If mobile framing is to be employed at any time, find appropriate visual means to convey this within the visual presentation of the storyboard. I am finding it quite hard to express the individuals state of mind only through camera shots (we are not even allowed to show the individual running, looking at his watch, waving to other characters etc) I would be grateful if anyone out there has any interesting ideas how to accomplish this. The storyboard ideas I have come up with so far all look too similar and don't really get the different stories across clearly. Many thanks in advance.
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