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  1. Hi everyone. Im about to shot a short film and a commercial. In both cases production is pushing me to use the Canon 5d or 7d instead of using my Panasonic P2 HD HVX200. I been trying to reach information on these, but till now I havent found seriuos comparisions on these formats. I really donĀ“t feel comfortable with the idea of shoting video with a reflex camera, but if It really should gave a better image quality I will use it. Does the Canon HD 5d gave a better look? Beacause of its bigger sensor provides a shortes deep of field? Does the 1 sensor vs the 3 sensor provideos a lack of color treatment? Im really lost on this, should any one who have work on both formats tell me something about these topics? or send me to a propper forum about it? Thanks a lot Diego
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