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  1. Hello everyone I'm looking into the Sony EX3 camcorder but unfortunately I haven't been able to rent or get my hands on one. Any owner of such a camcorder that can provide a link to native mp4 footage from the EX3 right out of the card is more than welcome and his contribution will be greatly appreciated :-) Thanks a lot in advance
  2. Thanks a lot for the help. The password doesn't seem to work, though. Could you please be kind enough to deliver some native mp4 footage, should you have the time and will to do this? :-) I'd strongly appreciate it.
  3. Well, I definitely must have done something wrong at the time but isn't it weird that it doesn't work even after I replaced it? I knew about the issue with the HD100 and its firewire port since the camcorder purchase and I was very careful. Obviously not careful enough... But it's not justified to have one working DV firewire output and a non-working HDV one within the same port, especially after paying 180 euros to have it replaced on an authorized service, is it?
  4. Hi everyone I'm facing a very weird problem with my JVC GY-HD100E camcorder. Only lately I had my firewire port replaced as the camcorder was not recognized by any editing software. Though the port was replaced, the camcorder is still not recognized on HDV mode, despite the fact that I've tried 3 different cables and 3 different firewire inputs on two different PCs, a desktop and a laptop. The weird thing is that the camcorder works and can be controlled just fine when switched to DV mode on both the menu and the external switch. By now I'm growing desperate since the only option in case of a camcorder malfunction is the purchase of a VCR which is a rather expensive solution. Any ideas on what could be wrong? Thanks a lot in advance
  5. Hello everyone Among others, I'm considering the purchase of a JVC GY-HM700 camcorder. If anyone here has any raw (meaning straight out the SD card) mp4 (not mov) files shot with certain model and can post a few seconds of it, I'd truly appreciate it :-) Thanks a lot in advance
  6. You're the best. Thanks ;) Waiting for the footage
  7. Thanks a lot, Chris. Forgive me, too if I got out of order and please be kind enough to also remove my quoted replies to Mr Carroll, just leave only the conversation between me and Adrian. Again, thanks a lot.
  8. Adrian, your help is greatly appreciated. I don't want to waste your time, I know it's valuable. If you think you can find and post the file without that keeping you from other important things, you're more than welcome to do it. Just keep in mind that I haven't been able to play or import any mov. file from the EX3, probably because of the XDCamEX codec, which I think - I could be wrong - is Mac oriented and my workstation runs on Windows. I've only been able to import and work with mp4 files... :-)
  9. Having the opportunity to deal with a certain "camera" (I'm not sure why you're using quotes, not that it matters anyhow...) for a day or more, looking for the perfect shooting conditions and having the chance to use different lenses on one hand and taking it on the shoulder for 5 minutes in an Athens store in order to get a quick glimpse of how it shoots on the other, are two different things. "What did I do wrong" was just a matter of speech. I have not entered or intend to go into any competition against Mr Bloom. He's a very gentle professional and I only know him by his web reviews. But I certainly don't have to prove my work skills to you or any other. The clients I have and my work on TV for several years here in Greece, speak for themselves. The shots you probably saw posted are not my personal work sample and give you no right to speak about my skills or my talent. And, finally, the comment was intended to Adrian, not you. So, since you're not Mr Bloom's representative, I'd appreciate it if you keep your meaningless opinion to yourself and stepped aside to let me and Adrian keep up the conversation we had already started, if we want to. Best, Themis
  10. Any available raw footage is greatly appreciated, Adrian, if I don't get you in too much trouble, of course :-) You've helped a lot so far and honestly I can't thank you enough. I know the sensor is a strong point and that's why I'm trying to compare. Should you think it's no trouble for you, feel free to upload :-) All the best
  11. I think you took this too far, Tim. I have no doubt Mr Bloom is very good at what he does. In fact I think his good will to offer assistance to anyone who asks him from within his site should be greatly appreciated. But I don't put the "God" label on anyone. Each one of us is as good as his last job. You don't know how many years I've been in this business or how much I've studied and certainly whether I'm talented or not, so please don't tell me what to do. I'm pretty sure Mr Bloom is excellent both as a person and a professional. But it's not steadicam work we're talking about here. If it was I'd be the first to admit that "it's never the camera, it's always the shooter". Each camcorder has certain capabilities and limitations and for heaven's sake we're talking about a lower end camcorder, not an Arri, not a RED, not a Genesis... With a few tweaks on its rather small menu, a better lens and a bit of grading, each one can get better results from it, but that's not what the camcorder itself has to offer. That's what I was referring to when I was wondering what I do wrong. And of course, whether the JVC is better or worse than the EX3 or a one of equal class is a matter of basic knowledge and perception... Nothing more, nothing less.
  12. ...on the other hand I see this and I wonder what did I do wrong...
  13. I saw the shots, Adrian. Certainly much less till no noise on both. I think the resolution is much better than the GY-HM700...
  14. Again, I can't thank you enough, Adrian. I found what I was looking for from a person so many miles away that I didn't even know, when at the same time the official local reseller didn't have any demo camcorder available or any idea when he could find one... If I could ever be of any help to you, it would be my pleasure. Don't worry about the WB, I'm only looking for camera resolution. You know I was also testing the new JVC GY-HM700 but I was rather disappointed by the result in both lower light and the outside on a cloudy day. Check the links below to get a picture (forgive my shooting, it was just a few-second shoulder shot :-) link 1 link 2 link 3
  15. I use Edius 5.50 and it imports natively all mp4 files, don't worry about that. Again, thanks a lot, Adrian, your help is greatly appreciated.
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