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  1. This is weird. I just got a phone call from that Songfreedom company yesterday. I think I remember seeing an e-mail from them a few weeks back. Has anyone else got a call or e-mail from them? They said they're going to launch in about a month and will be able to offer rights to songs like "Hey Soul Sister" and "I'm Yours". Is this too good to be true?
  2. That's an interesting loop hole you've found. Although I do appreciate the suggestion, I find that whole idea a bit shady. It would look unprofessional and I can't imagine that a bride or groom would feel comfortable with a company that had them do such a thing to skirt laws. I'm willing to pay for the music, I just need a place that will sell it to me. Tommy: You've sparked my interest. I checked out that Songfreedom website and it looks like something I'd be interested in. Has anyone else heard anything about this company?
  3. What’s a good website that has popular licensed music for wedding video productions? I'm getting bored with the current instrumental stuff I'm using, but I want to continue being a legal company.
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