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  1. Thanks for the response. This is a lower end budget video when compared to the film. We aren't matching footage either for this, all 5D. I think the key will be to switch from neutral to technicolor to see if exposure is right. Thanks.
  2. Hi guys, I figure I'd post this in the color correction section because it's pertinent to what's best for post. We are shooting a music video with one scene being in a nightclub. if everything goes by plan, the blacks will be black without a ton of noise, and the nightclub lights will be very distinguishable. Naturally that's the idea of how it should turn out during post. My question is, is technicolor cinestyle the way to go for this? I just got back shooting a horror movie, and they were able to match the red footage with the 7d footage at a color correction studio when I shot with the cinestyle picture style but if we are talking about a project that involves lots of colors, and variations between yellows and reds, blues and purples within deep blacks, will it get sort of meshed up with the cinestyle? I would test but there isn't money to get enough fill light in the club, so it's a one time deal when it comes down to shooting. Most test I've seen with this picture style are in naturally filled environments.
  3. Hey guys I'm working on a few web advertisements for a studio I'm a part of till our next feature length film. We generally have issues lighting a green screen because we either overkill with the amount of lights we rent, or we don't have enough lights. I'm basically doing something like this... http://webouts.com/ We might do half bodies for clients on a budget. The last time we did one of these full body web videos, we used 3 zips, 2 kinos, and a few lights in a arri kit. I wasn't the one who had set them up and know there is a better way. I'm trying to avoid rigging something beyond just stands since this isn't really a grandiose project. I can't really find any setups online for full body green screens (where the floor is showing as well) where they aren't DIY or super high budget films that have ceiling rigs. What do you guys suggest for something this small? Do you have any examples I can follow? Thanks
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