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  1. shallow depth of field

  2. she's a twentieth century fox, yeah yeah

  3. great shoot tonight at SEARS. we pulled it through!

  4. ugh i missed the ups man

  5. happy mothers day mother nature, mother earth, mother goddess, and my personal mom, Pani malgorzata kosciesza!

  6. body pillow via Arthur Swidzinski, sound booth in the middle of my room, film makers seminar tomorrow morning at Columbia College, inspirational friends, 1k flo this week, 27" monitor coming my way, ultimate CC and AE DVD menues, GROW doc, about organic/ community farming, Life is Good. Good Night Viral Patel

  7. i don't believe people deserve to die

  8. in the soundbooth uh yeah

  9. Gus Van Sant is the man

  10. You are a mac, I am a pc, can we be friends?

  11. Your EP is better then your LP

  12. third times the charm, why not the fourth?

  13. smoking a pretzel cigar

  14. How can I create a light flicker effect? Hmmm.

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