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  1. shallow depth of field

  2. she's a twentieth century fox, yeah yeah

  3. great shoot tonight at SEARS. we pulled it through!

  4. ugh i missed the ups man

  5. happy mothers day mother nature, mother earth, mother goddess, and my personal mom, Pani malgorzata kosciesza!

  6. body pillow via Arthur Swidzinski, sound booth in the middle of my room, film makers seminar tomorrow morning at Columbia College, inspirational friends, 1k flo this week, 27" monitor coming my way, ultimate CC and AE DVD menues, GROW doc, about organic/ community farming, Life is Good. Good Night Viral Patel

  7. i don't believe people deserve to die

  8. in the soundbooth uh yeah

  9. You defiantly need a much brighter light source but if budget does not permit, you're better off using reflectors. Lighting in a forest may look beautiful naturally with branches and leaves shaping the light falling on a subject. If you're getting too much light falling on the talent try diffusing it with a "branchaloris" (DIY cookaloris made of leaves and sticks). It acts like a screen but looks more natural in a forest set environment. My best advice for you is to go and location scout a area with a big clearing for sunlight. You'd be surprised how fast the sun moves across the sky especially when shooting. A rehearsal with actors and DP would be a good idea so you don't waste time blocking shots and letting the day go by. From my experience, I think filming in a forest is a very tricky task especially if you have no control over lighting, weather conditions, even ambient noise (planes, cars, people, etc.) Good Luck on the shoot. Let us know how it went. MK
  10. Gus Van Sant is the man

  11. Here is another still. You can see his face is brighter then the ambient cab light. The reflector was aimed at his face from closer distance and is more spotted.
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