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  1. It is always a great deal to know ppls favourite or liking dislikings, at times we like some purk and we forget in a day or two and at time we like and add it to our favourites life long. here are some of my favourite movies directors and cinemetographer - TELL ME YOURS..! Movie Raise The Red Lantern Godfather II Nostalghia Director Zhang Yimou Andrei Tarkovsky Krzysztof Kieślowski Cinematographer Christopher Doyle Vadim Yusov Zhang Yimou - as cinematographer http://niralshahindia.wordpress.com/ . . . http://niralshahindia.wordpress.com/ . . . http://niralshahindia.wordpress.com/
  2. Who is the master of visualization? On whom you can trust blindly? as far as screen aesthetics concern.... . is it Gordon Willis or Bernardo Bertolucci or Terrence Malick or Sven Nykvist or Wong Kar-wai or Wim Wender or Ridley Scott or Steven Spielberg or Giuseppe Tornatore or Andrei Tarkovsky or Néstor Almendros or Roger Deakins or Christopher Doyle or Ingmar Bergman or Robert Richardson or Zhang Yimou or Vittorio Storaro or or or . Here are my pick . (1) Zhang Yimou (2) Zhang Yimou (3) Zhang Yimou (4) Andrei Tarkovsky (5) Vittorio Storaro (6) Christopher Doyle (7) Gordon Willis . . . . I Think this guy will agree with me . . . http://niralshahindia.wordpress.com/ . . http://niralshahindia.wordpress.com/
  3. Just surfing the net and found a good compilation of 10 masterpiece of cinematography, what I like the most is there is no year bar, no country bar, no filmstock bar, no language bar. . . . A truly "ALL TIME MASTERPIECE OF CINEMATOGRAPHY" . . . . http://niralshahindia.wordpress.com/ . . . A truly "ALL TIME MASTERPIECE OF CINEMATOGRAPHY"
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