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  1. Hi, I'm editing on FC5 (and/or iDVD) with a ProRes file. I want to burn the film ProRes or higher quality to DVD. Can someone pls advise if I can do this with this software and using iMac 4. If not then what do I need to get as close to broadcast quality as poss? Jo
  2. Hey! I'm a London-based novice s8 cinematographer and I'm looking for a photography student who would like to take some cool pics of me filming for a day. Ideally on lomo or any other vintage film camera. Looking for some retro, dishevelled shots! Pics will be used on my website and photographer will be given full credit on the site. If you're interested, or know someone who might be, please inbox me x
  3. Have not brought the film yet. There is a London-based shop which still stocks Plus-X.
  4. Hello! I am planning to do some work next week using Plus-X and was wondering how it performs in low light conditions (ie. for the bride and groom's first dance)? Would I need to notch the cartridge or would it be enough just to shoot wide open? Many thanks.
  5. What is double 8? Does it require a completely different camera to a super 8?
  6. Thank you all so much for explaining this to me! Alessandro- I will definately be trying out your tip when I film on 500t this weekend. Will make sure the camera is on the daylight setting too.
  7. I'm fairly new to super 8 and I'm wondering why, when my super 8 film reel ends, I don't get the cool colours and flashes that signify the end of the film. I particually like the look when the film rolls out and you get the distorted 'Kodak' signature at the end but my films don't come back with this either. I have a Nizo Pro camera if this makes any difference? Any thoughts on this would be great or, if at all poss, I would love it if someone could email me a Kodak-labelled end of reel sequence as a file that I could incorporate into my editing? Many thanks!
  8. Cool, I'll check out the link! So you wouldn't recommend notching the cartridge in this instance?
  9. Hi there, I am planning to shoot an indoor music gig in a few weeks to build up my portfolio and have brought some 500T film to use with my Nizo Professional camera as I will be shooting in low light. I'm starting to panic a bit as I have read that an ASA of at least 400 is required to get any sort of decent footage and apparantly my camera only goes up to 160. If anyone can shed any light on this or offer any advice then that would be fab. Thank you!
  10. I can't thank you enough for explaining this to me in a way which I can understand... Why doesn't the manual explain it like that?! :D I feel so much more at ease now about what to look for when i'm next shooting film. Hopefully this will be the end of my unexposure days! Have a wonderful weekend. Jo
  11. Hello! I sent a post yesterday regarding my underexposed indoor footage on tri-x and 64T film from my Nizo Professional and kindly received some fab advice regarding the lens aperture. I have had a look today and have discovered how to make the needle on my light meter move manually within an indoor environment. My next hurdle is that I don't understand how to read my light meter. Where should the needle lie in order to gain good indoor exposure? I'm not sure if all light meters are the same so I have listed below how mine looks through the eye piece: 22 16 11 8(this is in red) 5.6 4 2.8 1.8 Sorry if this seems a very basic question... I'm new and am having problems understanding the terminology! Jo
  12. That is fantastic advice, thank you so much for explaining things so clearly. I shall prompty go back to my camera and have an experiment! Thank you again. Jo
  13. Thank you all so much for your prompt replies. The camera has a built-in light meter, which appears to work really effectively outdoors (the needle moves etc) but is not as active indoors. You'll have to forgive me but I'm not sure what an f-stop is/does, or how to set it up. I'm not lighting the subjects myself as I'm just doing some basic home movie/wedding filming. How do I set up the f-stop? Will this affect the exposure? Also what faster film stock would you recommend? Thank you all so much!!
  14. Hi, I'm a beginner to super 8 filming and have acquired a Nizo Professional camera. I have shot three films on it (one in tri-x the other two 64T) and, whilst the outdoor shots have come out beautifully, the indoor shots are severely underexposed, even though they have not been in particually dark indoor conditions. Is there something Im overlooking with regards to the cameras features which could help gain more exposure? I'm getting really disheartened with spending money on film, processing etc only to get bad results. Any advice would be great! Jo
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