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  1. I need to get an external monitor for my 5D. I'm not so sure that a $1800 Marshall is warrantd here. I just need to use it to compose, adjust exposure and focus. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
  2. I have to shoot a 2 camera interview using a HVX for the 2 shot and a DVX for the individual shots. The HVX is going to be recording in DV on tape. Any recomendations on settings to get them to look the same, or as close as possible? Thanks
  3. Need to take a shot of the point of view of a person looking through a keyhole in a door and watching a person walk past down the hallway. I was thinking of making a cutout using black foamcore and holding it in front of the lens. Any other suggestions?
  4. Please view my reel and comment, brutal honesty requested Thanks http://www.kapplerphoto.com/cinematography
  5. I need a shot of a driver in a car talking on his cell phone driving down the street. I used the vehicle mount tripod on the outside of the passenger door and the shot was well framed,etc and the driver was properly exposed however the light outside the driver's window was so blown out that nothing showed up. I guess my choices here are more light inside the vehicle on the driver or less light coming thru the window to balance with the driver. I am thinking it would be easier to put some kind of ND material over the window instead of trying to find a 12 light to put on the driver Any thoughts on either way to go? Any sources for equipment needed to do this? Thanks Dave
  6. This was shot for a the anti-drug education program at a local high school. Actors and crew are all students, I was DP and director was a professional. Student editor too. The script was about 75% improv. Let me know what you think of it. Shot with DVX and 600 watt SV lights into 44" umbreall for the interios, no light mods for the exteriors. Cemetary scene was shot in pouring rain. Thanks - Dave
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