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  1. I have noticed when discussing what makes a 'film' better, everyone believes X or Y or Z is more important. I have noticed this is due to their differing opinions on what a 'film' actually is. I think a film is just a series of frame alternate in quick succession to create the illusion of motion and a good film is one the intended audience as a whole like/fulfilled its purpose. This includes Tv movies, music videos, Adverts, online videos, motion posters, corporates ETC. So here is the question, what is a 'film' to you? deji
  2. A more experienced colleague told me 12 hour days for a month are not uncommon. What are your average working hours on set? Regards Deji
  3. Not sure what external recorders and the workflow will be but the future seems bright. http://www.engadget.com/2012/03/30/sony-nex-fs700e-4k-nab/ Dj
  4. US mainly, but any information on any industry would be appreciated DJ
  5. From what I know, they earn through advertising, syndication, merchandise and video sales, but how does it work exactly?
  6. You should add details about your location/area if you are looking for crew
  7. I have a 4 page short film script about a young adult who learns a lesson about safe sex when receives a mysterious package. I was wondering if anyone could tell me where I could get online feedback on it. For those curious heres a link to the script http://dl.dropbox.com/u/22617863/Use%20Me%20by%20ayodeji%20ayo-joseph.pdf
  8. Interesting, in the UK i've heard we use too much dialogue and very little visual. GREAT short thought. Dj
  9. Someone put some raw C300 MXF on vimeo, search "Parallel C300". I think it "C300" handles grading better but the Log footage is also more contrasty than most DSLR footage.
  10. When i first started using DSLRs 2 years ago, everyone advised me to use the lowest contrast and saturation setting possible with the picture styles. However over the years I have discovered I get better results leaving the settings on 0 for both. This gives less color banding in my honest opinion when grading. My colleagues say experienced Maestros like shane hulbert would disagree so i came to the conclusion I am missing something. Could anyone please elaborate on the pros and cons on Ultra low contrast and saturation looks in raw footage. Note I am not saying there is anything wrong with Log like footage, but isnt there an issue with banding at low bit rates especially on DSLRs and 50mb/s codecs? Regards Dj
  11. wider shots like masters relay more objective information like location of actors to give a geography of the scene, closes ups are more subjective because the audience is focusing solely on the emotions of the character, POV are mostly objective shots from a characters point of view. Hope this helps Dj
  12. Im looking forward to your blogpost on it, when do reckon it will be up? Dj
  13. There is a new video up http://vimeo.com/33425317 I am interested in the narrative possibilities the clean high ISO, small size and Image stabilization offers, sounds like an amazing indie/Guerilla camera to me. Dj
  14. Sorry my mistake, haven't read this one, thought your were referring to one of his earlier blog posts about the Pros and Cons of his EPIC, I remember reading in one of his posts his kit could barely take the weight of the EPIC.
  15. He shares ownership of the Epic with Eric Kessler I believe, also the Epics size seems to be a big factor for his work and fits the accessories he has already so it think hr decided its a better investment for him. Dj
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