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  1. old thread, but I worked this out a year ago and posted it at dvinfo net... but thought i would share it here as well. JVC HD110 480p 60fps to slow motino 24 on a Mac platform. 1. OK shoot SD HDV 480p 60fps... DUH... on a JVC HD 1/10/100/110 2. Capture via iMovie. (FCP still doesn't and will never recognize this format) 3. Spark up Cinema Tools (FCP Studio 1 is what I have) 4. Batch Conform (Cinema Tools/File/Batch Conform/ (pick your footage clip) pick your frame rate (24)) Enter 5. open up your new slow motion conformed clip in your Quick Time Pro. 6. Export out of Quick Time Pro the clip as a quicktime movie 720p 24fps HDV. 7. Import the new clip into your new 24p 720p (60p 480p slowed down and uprezed original) HDV timeline in Final cut pro and it should look pretty good next to your normal 24fps 720p footage...
  2. shooting action is like shooting drama. 24p at 1/48th for film, dvd or bluray. Follow the action. If you go off the established path, you've got to have a good reason.. like a high shutter speed such as "Saving Private Ryan" and "Battlestar Galactica". It's soooo over used these days, you might want to shoot standard shutter all the way through since everyone is expecting the faster shutter speed these days. Just a thought.
  3. Nothing wrong with either camera... however... If any of the packages comes with IDX or AB battery systems, make that a big deciding factor or tripod adapter plate, these things are important and worth money. Also a good tripod.. (used ones are great, and good old big heavy ones are cheap and nice to work with) Also final parting shot.. I'm using a JVC HD110, and I'm gravitating towards NOT using cinegama and doing gama correction and setting my darkest black areas in post instead of in camera. For scripted work I'm using gama Normal and sometimes cine color matrix. Just some ideas when you get your gear.
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