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  1. Hi friends I am using BMD Cinema camera, most of my shots are on green matte. I want to know is there anyway i can understand the lights I am using are right ( i use led street lights 50 watts) and whether shots are good enough to key-out. [ I don't have VFX supervisor as i am unable to hire one, because my budget doesn't support:-) ], pls suggest a link to know more about green matte. PS : if anybody out here looking for an opportunity as VFX technician and supervisor, pls contact. Vhdigitals@gmail.com. W Thank u in advance
  2. For my independent movie i need a VFX technician and supervisor, if anybody out here good at subject and looking for an opportunity to show talent, pls contact. Vhdigitals@gmail.com
  3. Got a new Alura lens from Arri. I don't need it now so I would sell if anybody in india want to buy
  4. We are planning to use REDONE MX for our feature film. I would like to know what may be the difference in the quality if I use Zeiss Compact Prime lenses (CP2) instead of Arri Ultra prime lenses.
  5. I would like to offer free editing for good short films and independent features. It is to help guys who can't offered to pay editors fee. I Have trained around 200 students on AVID and FCP.
  6. Hi Pls help me buy only necessary accessories for my camera. I own REDONE, with Ultra prime lenses, I got Alura zoom lens as well. Now I want to buy Arri FF4 and Matte box. I use 19mm rods. My Question is do I have to buy all the following accessories for the above products? 1. Extension of Focus knob 2. Focus lever (Speed handle) 3. Flexible shaft long (900mm) 5. Flexible shaft short (300mm) 6. Metric Module gear- (Note:we got Ultra prime lenses feet scale. Is there any feet scale module gear or this metric gear only enough?) 7. Lens support (LS-9) Note: Is this necessary? You guys had helped me while buying Redone. Hope this time too you would come to help. thanks in advance. Jay
  7. shoot the artist going in reverse and the people around moving forward so that in Post u can easily reverse the whole video to get the result.
  8. Hi I'm Planning to shoot in lush green forest. Though it is a feature, we need to shoot some wild life. I got REDONE Camera and I can't offered to buy full set of Ultra, So I'm planning to buy 16mm 32mm, 50mm lens with one Alura Zoom (buying is inevitable due to some obligation). Can any of you suggest me whether the choice of Alura is good or any other I need to think of. I'm the director so no much Idea on lenses.
  9. Very Valuable suggestions and tips, I'm very grateful to all of you. some more pls. Some tips on cinematography also would really help.
  10. HI friends First time I am getting into Direction with the bounded script, and with constraint budget :unsure: . There is a kind of fear inside, what may come to make my movie look substandard :rolleyes: What are those small things which I may not know. Pls someone out there help me make my movie look as good as any other experienced filmmaker's. one tip of each you throw would b of great help. thanks in advance
  11. yetto start.. We are from Telugu and kannada industry.
  12. Hello Instead of buying big camera you buy Canon 5D or 7D camera. It has given a wonderful image quality. I suggest any good film maker with less budget can rely on this small camera to make good movie. Movie demands good script, not the tools like camera and lights. good luck
  13. Hi Ravi Kumar Here is a friend of mine who is in the Telugu film industry, u can contact her by sending mail. she would help you. her mail Id transitionsmedia@gmail.com.
  14. I feel, to be a good director( means grammar wise, not content wise) you need to know the Editing first. it helps you learn mistakes. it answers many of your questions.
  15. I am buying lenses to make my movie and to let it out later for rent. My banker allow me to buy but will not support to rent it. so I need suggestions to buy set of lenses often cinematographers prefer to take on rent( lenses useful for my movie is the priority. pls help
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