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  1. We are making a short, and we need a scene of two guys talking while driving (at night), I have two desperate questions. How can we rig the camera to the car (outside in front)? If we dont have polarizing filter the shoot will look very bad (because of windows)? We have a car, a black magic and NOTHING ELSE!, if you guys can give ideas on how to solve this the cheapest way, we will be very thankful. Sorry for my english, not my first language.
  2. Spirit DataCine, its good? i will post the frames later, i dont have them, they have a lot of grain in everything, yes, its 16mm.
  3. Hello im a student of cinematography from Colombia. I have an horrible problem with the grain from this stock. The thing its that i shooted a film with the Fuji Eterna Vivid 500T and everything was well exposed,but when i saw the Telecine... it had grain in everything, even in the overexposed parts, even in the whites 4+ stops above zone V... And i dont understand why, how the heck has grain (big grain) in those zones??? Its damn strange... anyone what could be the probnlem? cinecolor was the responsible of the photographic process, it could be that?? bad process?.
  4. Im making a short for my college and i have to choose betwen Sony HVR-Z7U and the Canon 5D, i need a camera easy to use and with good cuality, also that need simple lighting. Which one should i use? Sry about my english.
  5. Well that is true, there is no book to became creative, but im searching a book that focuses on the cinematography on the creative way (not techique), i mean, a book that analyze profundly different ways of work from the directors of photography to support the concept and idea of each film that they have done. Sorry for my poor english.
  6. I need a book that focuses on the creative way of cinematography, anyone knows a book for that? or a way to train the artistical skill required for cinematography?
  7. Im a student of cinematography and i need to know how to calculate the diaphragm with the Ev. I know that in 1/24 seg, and EV=12 the diaphragm is f=8, but i dont understand why in my exposimeter, when i have a EV= 12.8 the diaphragm its f=11 1/3... Thanks for your responses.
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