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  1. Hey guys! I'm exploring the lofi side of film starting with Super8 (Pro8mm is currently modding my Canon 1014XLS). I'm also trying to find a RELIABLE, vintage VHS camcorder. I was thinking about the JVC GR-C7 but heard that parts are impossible to find. I'm curious if anyone knows a. Someone willing/able to work on these models? or b. A camera with that "look" but that might be easier to maintain long term? And no, I'm not going to use filters to recreate the look. Just wanted a fun, quick way to shoot real VHS film for a few niche videos I'm working on. Thanks!
  2. wow, fantastic help guys. Holy smoke. This is what's on ebay right now This is what's on Craigslist right now
  3. any recommendations? Lots to choose from on ebay - any I should be looking for?
  4. Hey guys, sorry to drag the board down, just wondered if you'd mind giving a newbie some direction. Just getting into Super 8 filmmaking with my 2 mint Canon 814s and I wanna get started off on the right foot. Figured it would be better to ask the pros for advice than hit up google. Any links you guys could provide to get me up to speed quickly on basic techniques for lighting/814 film/shooting, etc. (and 814 specific if applicable)? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!
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