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  1. I've heard that they have been used on ships and hard to reach places in little cave. They seem light on battery, but how are they used on the go?
  2. Hi Brian, definitely going to go used. I'm using the NPR, which seems a bit bigger. My tripod is the Manfrotto 058b which looks stable enough, but I doubt the head is.
  3. Hello any advice on a tripod head for my camera. I have a Manfrotto 229. But I fear this might not be strong enough. Any advice would be great. Keeping my budget low, but safe as I've seen some heads over a grand! I want to use it handheld mostly but Do want some thing stead for telephoto footage and some tripod movements.
  4. Great thanks guys I know what I need to save up for now. I'm going to keep with the zoom for the moment and save up a little. Many thanks!
  5. Hello I am looking for a really fast prime or 2 that covers super 16 for the Eclair. It's quite confusing with so many different lenses available. The camera has an adaptor for Arri Bayonet and comes with the 15-150 2.8 that covers s16. I know that the Zeiss cine lenses are out of my league, but was wondering if there was something that would give me a true shallow depth of field. I saw Schneider do a 25mm 0.9. Would this work? What are the affordable options from wide to normal I don't really want to go slower than T 1.5 Many thanks!
  6. Hello I have 2 small cases and a few hard cases which are fine for taxis. But I'd love to move a few more by hand. I have a dedolight hmi 400. 3 small dedos kits. A standard manfrotto stand for the 400 and a large softbox. Would be nice to carry another flash for photos too. Any ideas? The think tank production looks good. But is very expensive.
  7. Yeah it's a S type, Bowens fit. So the soft box fit into that. But I need to find a way to get the adaptor to keep secure onto the HMI. I was thinking maybe tape might be the best solution. But don't want a fire..
  8. this is the speeding https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/322548624279
  9. Yes it doesn't mount to it as it's third party. I need to find something to keep it attached to the HMI. Not sure what though
  10. I have a speedring for my Dedolight HMI. But it needs tape to keep it attached as it's third party. Does anyone know what tape or alternative that would work?
  11. Hi Ed. I've got a speedring. Do you know what sort of tape I could use to keep the speedring attached?
  12. Thanks Dom, so there is no worries about the negative being tinted?
  13. Hello I have what seems like a yellow filter on my viewfinder, is this something I can disengage? Best wishes David
  14. Hello I have what seems like a yellow filter on my viewfinder, is this something I can disengage? Best wishes David
  15. Thanks Ed, great idea with the speeding! Many thanks!
  16. Hello does anybody have any solutions to making these lights softer and controlling them. Are there soft boxes I can attach? I am pretty new to HMIs Many thanks
  17. hello does anybody have any recommendations for affordable gels for the Dedolights DLH4 series of lights? Best wishes
  18. Hello I was wondering if anybody had any advice on this combination. Should I leave the filter at sunlight, I had a blue negative in the past, but I think that was from tungsten film.. Also any advice on external meter usage, would I have to make changes to it, keep it at 50 or rate it at a different iso? Thanks for looking
  19. I can't recommend these guys enough in the UK they\re very well priced and they do brilliant 2k transfers too. http://gaugefilm.co.uk/
  20. Excellent thank you Aapo. I was just wondering as some forums say you need bleach to turn Tri-x back to a negative or something? I was wondering about storing the reel of film after processing it?
  21. Hello, finally got round to processing some 35mm still tri-x at home using R09 one shot and leaving if for an hour with a little agitation at the beginning and middle. Then stop and rinse. I liked the results but I fear this might be too much for smaller formats. I've got a dusty lomo tank and I was thinking it may be better with Acufine, do I need to use any other chemicals? I want to get as fine results as I can before sending them off for a telecine, also if anybody as any tips on how to store them afterwards so them don't get damaged that would be great. A long time film lover, but I'm very new to processing at home.. Thanks for any help. David
  22. I hate live lip-syncing but I'm lost on a music video. I've shot it at 18 FPS and it got telescined at 25FPS. I think I should of made a seperate recording with a phone or something. I'm having difficulty getting it to fit. Is there some percentage I need to slow it down in post? Many thanks
  23. I meant 160.. 1600 iso super 8 would be special.. I'm already finding limits. I'm a massive fan of Christopher Doyles work with Wong Kar Wai and I know he uses a lotta wide lenses that I can;t touch withough macro I think. Many thnaks for the really kind comments. I loved using the format and wanna use it again, the dslr film movement didn't work for me, it's so as stale as the still format. Viva super 8!!!!!!!!
  24. oh regarding faster print film. I think my nizo only measures upto 1600iso. Could it still work automatically somehow?
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