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  1. Hello all! I have recently acquired an old Bell & Howell 200 EE 16mm camera....which, unfortunately, only accepts film in a cartridge (similar to Super8 configuration). Does anyone know where I can find some of that film? I have been searching the internet, but to no avail. Additionally, can I hand process this film with similar chemistry as I use for the more standard 16mm reels (both color and B/W)? Thanks for your help.... Nicole
  2. thanks a million martin! I love the idea of making a small card stock sleeve...i'll try it out! -Nicole
  3. Hello, So, I have a Bell & Howell 311 (Super 8), that needs a new battery...and the manual calls for a Mallory 2.7V PX-14...which are discontinued because of the mercury issues. I have heard that you can maybe use 2 zinc 675, 1.4 volts (hearing aid batteries) instead...but they are too small in diameter. Would forming a sort of sleeve or coozy out of aluminum foil around them work to make up for their smaller size? Or would that alter the voltage (and thus the exposure) too much? ...or does anyone have any other suggestions for either replacement batteries, or a modification of some sort? Thanks, nicole
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