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  1. Thanks Onno, but I have never seen a gravity arm.
  2. Hi guys, anyone know o user the gravity arm or bubble rig? Is not the Z jib Anyone has picture? Thanks you.
  3. Hola Soy Key Grip en Buenos Aires. Saludos
  4. Why not a remote head crane from the terrace of a building? Or a remote head underslung in a big condor?
  5. I will be traveling to Florida, and I would like to purchase some grip equipment. Anyone know a store like filmstools or moder studio in miami florida? Thanks
  6. Yes, exactly. What kind of device is it? Thank you
  7. Hola Amigos, who can help me with this: the varicontras from Arriflex is a filter, lens or diffusion? thank you very much
  8. Thank very much for the info Tim!!
  9. Hi Guys, Who knows something about Lamay fabric, what kind of fabric is it? thanks for the info
  10. Hi rob, do you know where I can buy those mini gold clamps, such as doggycam clamps, those in your photos?
  11. Hi Chris, thank you very much for the info...
  12. Hi, I need to make the matrix effect, I will do with a semi circle rig and many cameras. my questions are: There is a modern way of doing this? do you know how to calculate the number of cameras according to the circle? does anyone knows about any rig that already exists? Thanks
  13. thanks everyone for the answers. In my country the key grip is responsable for the dolly, cranes, camera flags, riggings, butterflies but the light supports and difussion are electrician┬┤s. Here, the key grip needs to prepare an equipment list incluiding all the items that we will use during de shoting days based on the tech recce, if you missed something is your own problem, because we dont use to have the truck loaded with default gear.
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