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  1. I have shot weddings (photos) for the last 4 years. That has given me a solid knowledge of how the day goes... and how to react to lighting conditions I shot 3 wedding films this year (on top of photography for 15 other weddings, and on top of a full time job... crazy I know) on my 5D MKii.... not easy... but I think the end result is well worth it. http://vimeo.com/13227645 This is not your older sister's wedding video.... where you are bored to death watching the ceremony and listening to the preacher... My theory is to keep it short and sweet... make it something they WANT to show their friends. Brides spending money on high-end weddings will want the best of everything... and when they see their wedding day look cinematic, they will spare no expense. I hope to book a few more next year to continue to learn more. May want to consider what a 5D/7D could do for you, provided you have the patience/skill to pull off the shots. Best of luck!!!
  2. Yeah.... I guess no RAW is truly raw.... there is compression with all of them. I knew I wouldn't be able to ADD anything to the stills from the footage... but it will be nice to know that the reason I can't make it look the way I wan't it is because there isn't the information there... and not just because I don't know how. I just find it hard doing a simple white balance with the 3-way... the images never quite seem to end up the way I want them... even with a lot of tweaking of all the shadows/mids/highs... with both hue/saturation. Can you grade .CR2s in Color??? Or a similar grading program? I guess that would be the way to go.... see how well I do grading those 14bit files. If not the CR2s.... maybe I can convert those to TIFFs... and then to some other format that Color can work with????
  3. James... Thanks for the info! I use AE a lot to turn an image sequence into a .mov... but I guess I never thought of going the other way around! I will have to try that out and see if it ends up being better in the long run. I am curious to see how the stills from the footage stacks up against the RAWs I'm used to. I think I'm in for a shock! haha I love using Lightroom for the timelapse stuff I do shoot... I find it very nice being able to tweak the small RAWs I shoot to my liking and then taking those to AE.... but then eventually struggling with Gamma problems later on and it ends up looking nothing like I wanted in the first place! I need to download some .R3D files and run them through RedCineX... maybe I would find that more along the lines of the raw editing I'm used to
  4. Thanks Adrian, I would love to see what difference that makes. I am really surprised at how drastic a little change in 'brightness' can make on the footage.... while with photos it is very subtle. Guess I need to shoot film :) haha
  5. As a photographer, I have gotten very good at using Lightroom's tools to edit my images to my liking.... Exposure/Recovery/Blacks/Tone Curves for overall tone... and WB/Tint/HSL/Split Toning for color balance. However, when I started shooting video with the 5D2... and really got into grading, I have found it much harder to grade footage using the common video color tools (3-way color corrector). I know part of this is due to the image only being 8 bit compared to the 14bit CR2s I'm used to...but I generally find the tools within apple's Color... and other grading options much more difficult to use. Granted, the tools are a lot more specific and professional... and I understand how the are 'supposed' to work... its just that in practice I am finding it hard to get the image to look the way I want, especially in terms of color balance. I just wanted to know if any one else had the same problem going from stills to footage, and if there was anything you did that helped you see color... and how to take it from point A to point B... using Color ( or similar programs) I know it takes lots of practice, and don't expect to be a pro any time soon... and I am willing to put the time in. I was just curious if anybody else was in the same boat, and found the transition tricky. Would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks
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