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  1. Hello to all cinematographers out there, I am writting you cause i need your help regarding the anamorphic ratio on 5D mark2. I am in pre-production of a short movie and i have talked to the director about using and exploiting the widescreen ration on the 5D. So far i have been searching the web about tutorials , on how to frame your subjects and plan your shots having in mind that in post-production we are going to crop the frame so it fits the anamorphic ratio. Truth is to be told, i am going for the first time to use this method of shooting and planning my camera setups. I am a newbie on this one , so please be kind , i am open to all suggestions and critic. My question is how can crop correctly the live view on the 5D mark II so it fits the 2:35 anamorhic ratio?So in post production i know exactly where and how to crop the frame ,as i have framed everything according to the live view in the beginning. I will be using the following lenses Canon EF Zooms – 17-40mm / 28-135mm / 75-300mm. Looking forward for a reply, Peace, Petros.
  2. Dear Zahi, Thank you for the help and honest feedback, i am sorry that took me long time to answer but i had a lot of work lately. Its exciting to see that you are getting along and making the best out of the school as you mentioned its only the begining for you but still its a good begining from what i understand. Hopefully i will talk to you in persone in the February intake where today i learned that i got accepted at the cinematography module. Hope you are doing great man and keep it up. Peace out, Petros
  3. To all the cinematographers searching for a film school out there. I have graduated from the European Film College in Denmark and i am really interested for getting into cinematography module/course at a film school. After a period of 2 month search i run into the MET film school, cinematograpy line. Its only a year and all you do though is cinematography and at the end as they say you have created a well structured and experienced portofolio. I was wondering if there is anyone out there that knows the truth behid the MET website descriptions and if its worth its tution. Would be nice to get some feedback, i really need it. Peace out. Petros
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