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  1. Here's another few pictures. In the scene, there are two librarians who are talking, one of them leaves then the one who is still there starts too see signs of an alien in the library.
  2. Hey all, we're shooting a small scene in a library tonight for a short film we're shooting over this week. The film involves multiple lives of people around a small town as they come in contact with aliens who have come into the town. We're shooting at night and I would like to create some sort of eerie feel to the library relying in only a few lights to illuminate it so that the library has a darker feel to it. We are shooting on the 5d mark iii. I'm just looking for any idea's anyone might be able to throw my way to add to what we're trying to do. Thanks! Here's a picture of one room in the library.
  3. Hi, I'm a student approaching the end of my senior year as well as closing in on a semester internship. Our internship program is one in which we tell them what we are interested in and suggest where we would like to go, then they work on it for us and let us know. I'm interested in cinematography would like know what might be either a good rental house which excepts interns or somewhere else in NYC (or somewhere around NYC) that would give me experience with the gear they offer as well as a chance to make some contacts. At the moment I've heard Arri and Panavision have valuable internships but I'm curious what else is out there to add to that. Any advice or places you would suggest looking in to would be much appreciated. Thanks. Tim
  4. Yeah I think right now we're planning on using 40 watt bulbs for both the lights, then bouncing a chimera off the ceiling from the right side of the bed.
  5. Ok thanks, so after taking a look at the pictures you would still recommend the 30w bulbs? I cannot hang anything on the ceiling really so I'm trying to figure out how I would get a china ball above the subjects. What would be a good alternative as I'm not sure I even have access to one, (i'll be finding out later today) Thanks Tim
  6. Oh I forgot to add, the scene also takes place at night, we plan to keep the shades pulled closed to keep a consistent control over the lighting.
  7. Your right Darrell sorry about that. First here's a little insight into what goes on in the scene. The scene takes place at first with a man barging his way through the door into the room. He finds a his wife and another man in bed together. He shoots at one of them and the man in the bed slides of the bed and crawls on the floor on the right side of the bed. Then this fades to black. http://oi39.tinypic.com/r86uqa.jpg http://oi40.tinypic.com/54zvvl.jpg We then open to the main part of the scene with the two characters, the man who has been shot and the man who broke in sitting in the too chairs facing one another. http://oi42.tinypic.com/35a3pfs.jpg http://oi43.tinypic.com/29e11xi.jpg Overall I guess you could call it a thriller. For the lighting I would like to attempt something like the no country for old men hotel scene where the lighting on the practicals (around the bed and on the desk) look very bright and the rest of the rooms kind of falls off into darkness. Right now the light's next to the bed give off a very soft look that almost fills the entire room. http://www.hotel-hotels.eu/wp-content/uploads/mvbthumbs/img_11166_no-country-for-old-men-motel-shootout-youtube.jpg http://videos.videopress.com/S13g0Fv9/snapz-pro-xscreensnapz0031_std.original.jpg Two others things I'm having a little trouble deciding upon is how I would give some light to the small hallway following the entrance to the room and also how to make the area behind the chair against the wall next to the bed side table look a little more interesting. Thanks. -Tim
  8. Anybody? Any tips or suggestions on a possible set up would be a big help
  9. I forgot to say I am shooting this on a t2i if that helps.
  10. Hi, I'm shooting an upcoming short in a smaller hotel room and I think I would like to give the illusion that it is mainly lit with practicals. The scene takes place at night and is a dark story so I'm wondering if anyone could give me some advice on the lighting for the room and what to use. One scene takes place going back and forth from the door/hallway to the bed. http://oi43.tinypic.com/wlooc5.jpg [http://oi40.tinypic.com/54zvvl.jpg http://oi41.tinypic.com/9a0r5h.jpg The second scene takes mainly in the two chairs, the desk chair pulled out to face the other. http://oi40.tinypic.com/m7faip.jpg http://oi42.tinypic.com/35a3pfs.jpg Thanks.
  11. Thanks for the quick response. What would you say are some common dolly movements used in dialogue?
  12. I'm confused on when to use a tripod opposed to using a shoulder rig. I notice in many films that the camera seems to almost always have a very subtle movement keeping the actors framed. Is this usually done on a tripod by subtly panning and tilting or is this done with a rig. I realize this could completely depend on the film but when is a tripod used in most cases? Thanks.
  13. As i'm sure many people are, I'm looking for some advice on where to find internships I can apply for. I'm in my third year studying film in college, and while I've worked at a local access station and done lots of personal work, I'm eager to venture to something bigger. Could anyone give me some advice on where to start and where to look? Thanks. Tim W.
  14. Ok this might be an obvious question but I can't figure it out. When i zoom in with the camera, focus on something, then zoom back out it goes completely out of focus. I thought that your supposed to focus for say.. interviews by zooming in on the subject eye, focusing, then zooming back out yet i can't figure out why it's not working. Whenever i zoom in, then focus it nicely, it goes back to being quite out of focus once i zoom back out.
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