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  1. Look, I completely understand that all of you have transfer facilities and laboratories in your native town or country. In my country there are no laboratories, no specialists, no transfer, no kodak dealer, no film education and no feature production. A hell for young enthusiast)) So, as I'm trying to do something here and do not want to go digital - just can you be more detailed. I suppose this is why this forum exists. Thank you.
  2. I was developing some color stock the same day and trasferred it one-light together with b/w to the same digibeta cassette. Color first (looked stunning) and then b/w - transfer operator just changed reel in a scanner and we both saw this defect on a scanner monitor. So it is not a transfer defect or file compression artifact.
  3. I wish I know that.. It was developed without any special requests to the lab, so I guess in standart conditions (7 mins 21'c). But something went wrong, so I'm trying to find out what was wrong looking at the result. Thanks in advance.
  4. hi! I have a problem with 7222 stock. Bought brand new at kodak, not x-rayed, kept in the fridge at +5'C, 55% humidity. Can it be a result of overheating in developer or anything else? poor halftones, excessive grain in highlights/ measured scene contrast 2 stops was set around recommended EI 250D as -1 stop in the forest and +1 stop outside. It was not a sunny day, so, anyway the image must fit in the linear characteristic, but...look at the tree (halftones) and a piece of sky (grain!) thank you.
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