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  1. Thank you very much! Stopping down :huh:.....how this could happen, for my understanding, seems like the iris is not centered with the focal intercection. The Mutar you have tested, is the same of the photo up?? with same bayonet? Well, anyway I'm still searching for one to buy, on ebay all gone :( Only Mutar makes this extenders for Arri STD mount?
  2. Late ....Thanks everybody :) @ Mitch, Like you say, I found that some 2x extenders (35mm fotography) enlarges image and some not, I wish for this mutar :rolleyes: @ Dom Wow :o For curiosity, I need to know if over the Super16, it can cover other bigger stuff, like 4/3 sensors etc..., can you please measure the projected circle at focus? This is the STD mount I have: And I'll need to buy this: (any proposal?)
  3. Hi all, I like to ask, if the Zeiss Mutar 2x for the 10-100 T2, will cover Super 16 format, or better. Trying by hand with just the lens, a piece of paper (or real ground glass, or a brusched plexiglass) fixed at focus, it gives me a max.circle of 14mm, how much will be with the 2x extender? :huh:
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