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  1. To all directors and DOP's. I would like to know what your experiences of using DSLR cameras for broadcast TV are? For example have you experienced issues when working with them in realtion to ergonomics, technology or post production? How rubust are they to work with? And are they cost effective when all accessories and other equipment needed are considered? Also, what are your reasonings for choosing or not choosing to work with them? If you have an answer, if possible could you please put your job role and/or company in your answer. Thank you!
  2. To all directors, DOP's and industry professionals, I am taking out a study on DSLR's and would like to know: In your opinion and experience are DSLR cameras still being used for TV broadcast production? (Purely TV not for online content) Are you choosing to use them and why/why not? And if possible please include your job role/company in your answer.
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